September 28, 2017

a2800473-eb6a-4c0a-a656-452a06652c01 (1)

I love plants and the colored bottle idea with water in them for plant cuttings is just beautiful to have for Fall.


My son works for a natural foods company and he used to deliver at a place on Long Island, New York that had giant pumpkins like the huge pumpkin in the photo above.

He used to bring home one of those giant pumpkins for his kids this time of year and they would have so much fun with it thinking up new ways to display it.


I love Butternut squash first of all.  And the butternut squash ravioli is just scrumptious.  I think I saved the above recipe on my pasta board on my Pinterest.  But last night I did not feel like cooking and I wanted something quick and easy so I got that Lean Cuisine frozen dinner that is the Butternut Squash Ravioli.  It has a sauce and carrots and pea pods.  So good with a glass of Chardonnay wine.


I like ideas for Fall Fashion.  The above is New England ideas.


I like the above pearl bracelets.  They are classic and never go out of style.


I also like scarfs as they are classic.  And dressing in layers.


Only a few days left in September.


The leaves are already starting to turn.  I just love this time of year in Vermont.


Beautiful time of year.  There are lots of drives that you can take to see beautiful foiliage.


The Woodstock Inn usually decorates with Mums and all around Woodstock they have beautiful Fall displays.


The store windows in Woodstock are so fun to browse in the Fall.

IMG_20150927_165336495 (1)

All kinds of window boxes.



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