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I love my Le Creuset pot that is just right for making Chili.  It’s so easy to make Vegetable Chili and with a cooler day finally here, I decided to make some Vegetable Chili.  I found the recipe on the box of some organic, no salt Vegetable broth.  I just sauteed a chopped onion, a red pepper and a green pepper with some minced garlic for about 10 minutes.  Then I added a cup of the Vegetable broth, 2 cans of diced tomatoes,  2 tablespoons of tomato paste, a can of kidney beans and a can of white northern beans drained, some chili powder, cumin and oregano and let it simmer for 15 minutes at medium-low heat.  It’s just right for today.


I love my little Rachel Ray containers for putting the condiments for my Chili in.  I love that color and when Rachel Ray was on QVC years ago, a huge set of all size containers was a “todays special” and on easy pay and I took advantage of it and so glad that I did.  I really like her  stuff.   I chopped up a scallion, grated some cheddar cheese and used some sour cream and those containers came in handy.   I recieved with the set,  two big containers.  One was big enough for lasagna.  And one was just the right size for a large salad.  The set also included the same style and color container for little individual caseroles as well as the condiment containers.  They all are really handy to have.


So fun for lunch with my Pioneer Woman bowl and matching placemats.


Because I get tired of oatmeal every day, I made some poached eggs on artisan bread toast for breakfast.   I love my Pioneer Woman coffee mug and plate that matches.  I watch the cook shows and use the tips on how to make a perfect poached egg.  One tip I use is to put a little vinegar in the water and swirl the boiling water with a spoon just before carefully sliding the egg in.  This holds the egg together and I like my eggs just cooked to perfection.  To my taste, I like the yolk to just barely be cooked and a little runny.


I love fried rice and to use cauliflower that is chopped up like rice is just healthy and I love to buy that frozen cauliflower rice in the freezer section at the grocery store.  There is one that has peas and carrots in it that I like.  Then to add sautéed mushrooms and onions, yum.  No biggie on the recipe.  Just a little soy sauce, rice vinegar and maybe a little hosen sauce mixed in to taste.


I love dishes and I think the above little soup pot is just plain cute to have for tomato soup.  It’s on the Pfalzgraff website and it was on sale a few days ago.  Their sales never last long but they keep having new sales all the time.


Pfalzgraff Harvest pattern is so cute to have for Fall.  If I won powerball, I would buy it all and have a beautiful feast for Thanksgiving for my family.

willow pattern

I love the Pioneer Woman’s Willow pattern that she has out for October at the Walmart.  She was giving away a 12 plate setting of the set on her website recently.  But it will be available at the Walmart in October.


I think that the Coat Cardigan is in for sweater fashion this Fall.  The above sweater was on Ebay for a little over $12.00.  Plus shipping which on Ebay is always over $10.00.  Then you never know what you will get.  But I like the style and the color.


The Shein white chunky cable sweater is on line for $27.00.  I think it’s perfect for Fall.


I think that those long drape sweaters are neat.  And the skinny jeans and ankle boots are so stylish.


I like the Latte art heart.  I watched a video on youtube on how they make those hearts.  They just put a little Espresso in the cup and then have the froth milk in a  small stainless steel little pitcher.  Then they add the froth milk slowly and at the end make a circle and pull a line through it with the slowly poured froth.  It magically makes a heart and a latte. ❤


In New England, Sarah Vickers is a well known fashion blogger.  She lives in Rhode Island and is married to a designer.  Plus she looks like a young version of Jackie Kennedy.  The above are some of her picks for Fall sweater ideas.


I like this time of year and love the above photo.  Old time pick up truck with pumpkins and the beautiful Fall colors.




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