Fall Days

be680e16945cc69d4660092871e8c641Yesterday it rained and it was a good day to stay inside and read a good book with a nice hot cup of tea.  I have a ton of books and also a variety of tea.  I like Frederic Fekkai’s “A Year of Style”.  I got that book years ago, but it has really interesting and fun tips to enjoy every month of the year.   For October it had ideas to organize your closet by complementary textures, corduroy with flannel, twill with linen and cashmere with wool.  Then it had an idea to buy a new white cotton shirt or two to wear under your suit jackets.
Then it had an idea to have a makeup lesson in a salon.

It tells how time flies and it seems like yesterday you looked at your calendar and realize that it’s already October.  What happened to September?  Then it had a tip to replace straggly houseplants with new ones.  Then take advantage of the Indian Summer to have one last picnic with friends and have grilled vegetables, poached salmon, Tarte Tatin – and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

It shows how to do a neat up do by putting your hair in a pony tail and then just putting  gathered hair into a loop around the index finger of your right hand and then pull the loop up gently toward the top of the head and secure with a couple of big hairpins.

The book suggests indulging in a box of hard-milled soaps.  I love the French style soaps that they have at T J Max.

Then it says to take a long walk while the weather is still mild.  It has makeup page for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails.


When I was shopping, I got a cute little pumpkin at the grocery store, some Fall napkins at T J Max and the last of the sunflowers at the local Farm stand.  Just little things, but they just make the season enjoyable.


One of my favorite bloggers had a cute Fall outfit.  I don’t like the color or material of the sweater, but I like the style.  I adore the shoes and the Stella  necklace.   The pocketbook is a little much and just a tad too large for my taste.


I like the above style, also.


I like the new yogurt that is in the grocery stores now called “Oui” which translates to “yes” in English.  The yogurt comes in a glass jar and it’s a thick yogurt that is just so French.


I adore anything French and the above Le Creuset pot is just so beautiful.  It would be perfect to make soups in.  I have a perfect Le Creuset pot that is not like the above but it works perfect for me to make soups in.  It’s a Le Creuset in Carrabean blue and the pot has a handle on it and the cover is a grill pan.  I just use it all the time.

IMG_20170920_132708161 (1)

You can’t see the handle on the pot that I use in the photo above but I have fun making all kinds of soups in that pot.  The enameled cast iron is a dream to cook with.  So Le Creuset is very expensive and I would love a whole set of it.  To make it affordable for me, instead of spending $1,000.00 or more, I bought the 3.75 size pot with the grill pan cover for like $225.00 when it was on special on QVC.  I paid for it over 5 easy payments and it was affordable and I just enjoy it so very, very much.  I love grilling on the frypan also.


I really like the Pioneer Woman’s Kitchen Aid mixer.  But the designer mixer that she has costs over $1,000.00, but on Etsy you can get the above emblems for about $20.00.  They are waterproof and just can be put on a kitchen aid mixer.  Even $20.00 is a little much for my budget, but one of these days I might splurge.  It’s just so fancy. ❤


The trees are really getting colorful now.  Such a beautiful time of year in Vermont.


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