Friday Oct 13, 2017


I think that it is fun to have a planner and there are so many ideas to sort of scrapbook with the pages on your planner.   I like the rubber stamps that they have and the tapes.  It brings out the creativity in you.


I like the idea of different color inks in the ink pad.  I read somewhere that you can just use baby wipes to clean the ink on the rubber stamps to be able to change ink colors.


Love the Planner stamps.  They work really slick on the calendar pages in a planner.


I like the little mason jar with a plant stamp.  Perfect to use with a green ink stamp pad.


I love French style.  The ultimate to me is a crystal chandelier and French doors that open from the dining room.   My favorite dream.


Wine is so sophisticated and it doesn’t have a lot of alcohol in it.  I love a glass of wine at night to unwind from the day.  Sometimes a red wine and sometimes a white wine.


I also like a cup of tea, especially on chilly Fall evenings.  The new canisters that the Pioneer Woman has at the Walmart are perfect for holding tea bags.   She has 3 styles of the canister and my favorite is the middle size one above, which is the perfect size for holding tea bags.

tea rack

I also like the mug holder that the Pioneer Woman has at Walmart.  I would use that to hold my favorite teas of the week and my favorite coffee mugs that I also use for tea.

blackout cake

Nothing like a chocolate cake and the above is called Blackout Cake.   It’s just lots and lots of chocolate.  I put the recipe on my Pinterest Cake recipe board.


I thought that the above was cute.  Don’t you love how every week in magazines they come up with a couple of week diets that are supposed to make you lose a large amount of weight in a short time.  Sometimes it’s low carb, sometimes low fat and then all the fat you can eat.  I think that drinking a lot of water, cutting down on sugar, low carb and lots of salads works for me.  I’ve tried them all.  And anything in moderation and exercise every day works for me to not gain weight at least.


I think that Mt Ascutney is just majestic and it looks beautiful in the background of the long covered bridge between Windsor and the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut River which is Cornish.

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day.  It’s sunny and a little chilly here today but a perfect day for a Fall walk while the weather is still good.



2 thoughts on “Friday Oct 13, 2017

  1. Good Morning, I am a fellow blogger who also lives in New England now. My husband and I are natives of NJ and formerly lived in VA and now are in NH and we really like the state and especially like visiting neighboring NE states which are so close. I recently saw a vintage ad for the Toy Castle in Claremot, NH and then did an internet search to learn more about this (sadly) long gone business and that search led me to a previous post of years in which you related how you used to bring your children there. My husband would have liked seeing that train that ran all around the store! And, you also mentioned Borders in that post and I really, really liked the one that used to be near me in NJ. It was one of my favorite places to visit! Speaking of visiting we will be in VT at the end of this month for our first-ever stay in Killington. We’re not skiers (but snow-shoe in winter) but got a great pre-season deal on lodgings at the Killington Mountain Lodge. If you can share any VT tips, please feel free to visit our blog as well, the


    1. Hi Beatrice…..I go to Claremont, NH often shopping and so glad your interest in the toy castle vintage ad led to my blog post. Some Vermont tips that I could give you on Killington is to travel over to Woodstock. It’s just beautiful there to browse through the art gallery, the Billings Farm Museum and you can tour the Rockefeller Mansion. The Woodstock Inn is just beautiful and there is a Creamery in that town that has mile high apple pie with vanilla ice cream that is just awesome. Also there is a covered bridge in town that is fun to take photos in front of. The Ottauquechee River runs under that bridge. Also Queechee is a fun place to visit and the Simon Pearce restaurant there is really nice. One side of the restaurant is floor to ceiling windows with a view of a waterfall and a covered bridge. Killington has had some snow already. Hope you enjoy your trip.


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