Friday October 20, 2017


Martha Stewart was on QVC Wednesday and she had a “todays special” for a frozen turkey breast and two sides.  It had a special price of $100.00.  The above photo shows the two sides of cherry stuffing and creamed spinach.  I watched the show and took notes on the details.  The creamed spinach had a bechamel sauce, sour cream, Gruerye cheese and panko crumbs on top and was Martha’s Mom’s recipe.  The dressing had celery, onions, butter and dried cherries.   The turkey breast had a Herb Butter compound of sage, thyme, orange and lemon.  It sounded good to me so I looked up the recipes and found all of them and made a new board called “Martha’s Recipes” on my Pinterest.


cream spinach martha

I found the recipe for the creamed spinach and pinned it on my Martha’s recipes on my Pinterest.  I also found the recipe for the dried cherry stuffing that also has pecans in it.

martha 9

You could choose Martha’s macaroni and cheese and the mashed potatoes as an option for the two sides.  The mashed potatoes had cream cheese, cream plus salt and pepper and she said that she used Idaho potatoes.  But her recipe on her website calls for Yukon Gold potatoes.   The macaroni and cheese had 4 cheeses in it.  She said that it would cost over $40.00 for the ingredients to make it.   But she used all imported cheeses.  I found Martha’s recipe that had all the cheeses which were Grueyere, Parmesan and Cheddar.  But she said the fourth cheese was Fontina.  The most requested macaroni and cheese recipe on her website just had 3 cheeses in it.  It would be expensive to make because of the Grueyere cheese, but not anywhere near $40.00.


I found a recipe for compound herb butter that had the herbs and citrus which would be really good to put on any roast turkey.  It had lemon zest in it, but not the orange in the recipe that I found.  Very close to Martha’s herb butter.

The macaroni and cheese would just be fun to have on hand to make and keep in the freezer for some winter night when you didn’t feel like cooking.  The herb butter sounds like a winner to have to roast turkey with.


Martha was on “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC and David said that there was a recipe for Martha’s turkey gravy and her Orange Scented Cranberry sauce on the QVC website from Martha.   I couldn’t find any recipe of Martha’s except an ice tea recipe on QVC.   But I found a recipe for Martha’s turkey gravy on Martha’s website.  It had butter and white wine in it and sounded good to me so I pinned it on my Martha’s Recipe board on my Pinterest.

cranberry sauce

I found the orange scented cranberry sauce on Martha’s website.   It sounds good to me.  I think that Martha Stewart is a perfectionist and I wouldn’t mind trying some of her recipes.  Her turkey breast took only 2 hours to roast.  It came frozen with a net around it and she said to let it thaw in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

I think that it would have been fun to have that frozen turkey dinner, but I don’t have the $100.00 to spend.  They even broke it down into easy pay of something like $20.00 a month with the special that they had.  Very tempting to just have everything all made like that and just pull out of the freezer and into the oven.   I like the challenge of trying to find the recipes and I did it.


Then Martha Stewart had some fashions on QVC.  The above Ruana is so stylish.  She made it with a blend of cashmere for something like $49.00 and it sold out but they have some back again.  It was washable and Martha said that she had a very expensive one just like it.

Martha 12

They were wearing the Ruana with the stretch patchwork jeans that also sold out.  I don’t know if they got any back or not.

martha 10

Kind of a neat idea.  I like the patchwork better then the ripped out jeans that have been the style lately.


Then on HSN they had a Bali bracelet that I thought was really nice.  Those bracelets are expensive and this one was on sale for $199.00 with easy pay.  And to make it even more tempting, they had a coupon for 30% off jewelry on HSN.  So that took $60.00 off and it was free shipping.  They still have that coupon at the time I am writing this.  But bracelets like that are usually $250.00 and up to $400.00.  That one was $139.00 with the coupon code 175191 and also free shipping.  So girls, if you like that style, that is a really good deal.

So I got out yesterday and all last week for long walks while the weather is still good.  I saw two little deer on my walk Wednesday and also I like how nice Mums look in the Fall which I admired on one of my walks.



The above little tree was kind of cute that I saw on one of my walks.  I like the red leaves.

My friend Sigurd and I enjoyed breakfast one morning this week at a neat little diner which was fun.


We enjoyed getting out early in the morning so much that we are planning on going there again Saturday morning and then going up to Wellwood Orchards and getting some cider donuts and some Mac apples.   The apples are really, really good fresh picked.  They make cider donuts there on weekends that are really fun to have, also.





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