Saturday, Oct 21, 2017


When I go shopping, I drive past a group of huge maple trees that are all crimson red.  They are just at their peak in color right now.  So pretty this time of year.


The above inspiration speaks for itself.

bookmark 2

I have little bookmarks in my planner that are similar to the above by having two little magnets on the inside.   They work really neat.  I want to get the above bookmarks.  I saw them on Ebay.


I like the breakfast that I made this morning.  It’s just an omelette, but it just was full of flavor using Cabot Extra Sharp Cheese, mushrooms, onions and herb de provence.  I used one of my favorite dishes and coffee mugs and I had Starbucks French Roast coffee.

herbs de provence

Herb de provence is just so French and it’s a mixture of herbs.  I love the flavor that it brings to food.  I put it in my favorite salad dressing also.


When I was younger, I would not go out of the house without an hour spent on looking just right.  I don’t wear hair curlers out, but I have noticed that I just am much more casual lately.


If I won powerball, I would go to the Golden Door Spa.  I would take my friends, my sister and my daughter in law.   I mean 4 days of total relaxation, exercise and pampering.   Who wouldn’t want that.   I love their cook book that I got on Amazon.  They have all kinds of awesome spa food.


They have a winding path that leads to the spa and have all kinds of walking trails.


They have all kinds of exercise classes and every morning at about 6:00 AM they have a hike on walking trails.  I have heard that they do about 4 hours of exercise every day there.


They have all kinds of spa treatments.   Fat chance on powerball winning and all but it’s fun to dream.


I love hummus.  It’s a little expensive to buy, but so easy to make with a food processor.  I like to use it as a base on a wrap and then add lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, avocado and any veggies I have on hand.


I love a food processor.  Homemade salsa is always delicious.   Just something about it.

cafe 4

In Burlington, Vermont they have a cafe that is in a greenhouse.   I love plants and what a neat idea.



I love to go for walks this time of year.  The fallen leaves crackle under your feet and the air is crisp.

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