Friday, Oct 27, 2017


I got an email with peonie bulbs, and it said that it’s the time of year to plant them.  They are one of my favorite flowers and I think that the variety that they have is just beautiful.  I just love the pink ones the best.  But a variety like the above would be just beautiful to have as a border on one side of a lawn.  These bulbs can be found at Van Engelen Inc. online.


Van Engelen also had beautiful tulip bulbs, but the above fringe tulip in that color was out of stock.


The tulip called Burgandy Lace, which is also beautiful was available the last time I looked.


High Country Gardens has the above Bronze Charm Wildflower tulips that I think would be beautiful to plant now for next Spring.


I also saw a quilt kit on Craftsy that I thought was beautiful.  I would love to make that quilt.  It’s called an Ice Cream pattern.


Then they have an on line class that you can buy on Craftsy for machine quilting.  That class interests me.

tea time treats

Martin Philip is the head bread baker at King Arthur flour.  Craftsy has an online class that you can take that costs $29.95.  If you take that class at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, it would cost about 5 times that.  The class on line gives you pro tips plus the recipes for tender scones, fluffy biscuits and moist quick breads.  You can watch the lessons any time, anywhere and they are yours forever.   It also shows how to make creme fraiche, home made butter and jam with the recipes for them, also.   I received a coupon code to take one class for 50% off.  The code is PICK1.  So I am definitely going to enjoy that class and if you like baking, that is a nice find.  ❤

class 1

The scones in the class sounded really good.  Also, they have a banana bread recipe.


They even show how to make tea time toppings like butter, jam and creme fraiche complete with the recipes.

bread 2

Then the class shows how to pain de mie shaping and baking to make bread for tea sandwiches.

Mohito lime

The class shows how to make a wonderful Vanilla Pound cake complete with a Mojito Lime Simple Syrup to put over the top of it.

class 9

The class includes 7 HD video lessons that includes class materials such as the recipes.

class 10

When I saw that class, my heart did flip flops.  It’s everything that I love and I wanted to share it in case anyone else might like Tea ideas.


I also love clothes and when I saw the above ideas for under $35.00 each I couldn’t believe it.  I put all the links to where to find them on my Fashion board on my Pinterest.

essentials 2

The online stores are Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Designer Shoe Warehouse and H&M.  The Mule style shoes look just like Gucci and are from Target.  Also the high waist stretch jeans are from Target and only cost $27.99.  The plaid scarf from Nordstrom is $24.99 and so stylish.  The draped cardigan is from H&M is only $19.99.  These are finds that look expensive and are affordable.  I love that.


I love Aldi for grocery shopping.  There are several items that are under $5.00 that are a real deal.


Aldi’s organic food is $1.00 less then grocery stores.


Aldi has specialty cheeses that are not expensive and are really good.


They have all kinds of dips and crackers that are really good and are inexpensive.  They also have all kinds of canned goods that are low sodium and are like fifty cents to sixty cents a can.   I love that place.

And then Aldi’s has Cotes De Provence Rose Wine that is an award winner and was voted one of the worlds best wines.  It’s a must try.


I love a crock pot this time of year and a really neat idea is to cook a Slow Cooker Roast Chicken in it once and eat it all week.  I pinned the recipe on my Crock Pot board on my Pinterest.

exps111778_TH143195C07_30_7b (1)

I also found a crock pot recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs that sounded really good as it is a copycat restaurant recipe.   I pinned that recipe on my Crock Pot board on my Pinterest also.


I saw a cute idea for stuffed peppers on the Pioneer Woman’s website that was fun for this time of year.  I pinned that recipe on my Veggie board on my Pinterest.  I have a recipe for stuffed peppers in Bobby Dean’s Every Day Eats cookbook that has Couscous and I added roasted veggies for the stuffing from another recipe that would be good in the orange pepper idea.

casserole 3

Better Homes and Gardens has a recipe for Pizza Casserole that came in my Email.    it sounds good to me.  I pinned that recipe that has a link to a video on how to make it on my Casserole board on my Pinterest.

I could go on and on but I will save my ideas for another day.   Hope you have a nice weekend.






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