Sunday and Raining


Kind of a rainy Fall day here today.  A good day to catch up on some reading.  I have a ton of books that I like to enjoy with a nice cup of coffee or herbal tea.  I have a Finance Organizer book that I forgot to enter in my bill paid dates and the receipts put in the little pocket that is for October so got that done.  I read some Journals that I have kept over the last 10 years or so.  Some of it made me cry and some of it gave me insights to my habits.  Some of it made me laugh.


I love the planner that I have.  It was so fun going to Michaels Craft a few weeks ago and getting some cute embellishments that are just fun to work with.  Then I found some photos that I like and also I made a plastic holder and used a paper punch to fit it into the rings of the planner to hold the photos for my planner.  The sun was out for a few minutes this morning and then it rained for the rest of the day.


My Gram used to make the most beautiful rolls that she would bring to family gatherings.  They look like the above and Craftsy sent me that class with the recipes and all the instructions.  I absolutely love it.  King Arthur Flour instructors and all.  Just totally awesome.


The Golden Door Spa has awesome sales.  The above Orange Marmalade for $5.00 is a real deal.  They make their products from their own gardens and Blood Orange is so good for you.  And Orange Marmalade is so good on English Muffins with melted butter.  I like the Wheat English Muffins or the 12 Grain English Muffins myself.


I also love King Arthur Flour Fall spices.  I love all the King Arthur Flour products.  It is so fun to visit their store in Norwich, Vermont and their catalogs are full of recipes and ideas.

IMG_20171028_133821961 (1)

I like my favorite Fritatta which has sauteed mushrooms and onions and then Vermont Cheddar cheese.  It’s so easy to make and has so much flavor with farm fresh eggs.  And it’s just fun to use the Pioneer Woman plate, placemat and glass that all match.  I mean the $12.00 it costs for all three is so worth how much it makes for a fun dining experience.  I can’t help myself as the Walmart is a fun place to shop sometimes.  I love some their Pioneer Woman line of dinnerware.  It’s not expensive but it looks really nice to me.


I love anything French and the above quilt caught my eye.  It’s made from a kit and just takes beginner skills.  But of course it’s out of stock.  Wow, that panel with the Eiffel tower and all the material for the blocking around it and the binding, filling and everything was just $29.00.   No wonder it was out of stock.   Some people were very lucky to get that in my opinion.  My Gram could look at that and make it with no kit.   Wish I had that talent.  I love that quilt.

French clothes

They have all kinds of style apps for fashion and wardrobes.  I just love some of the ideas out there.


I was feeling a little down today but cheered myself up and realize that I have so much to be thankful for.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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