Vermont Musings

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I think that the Connecticut River that divides Vermont and New Hampshire is just beautiful any time of the year.  I like to take an old route when I go shopping, but the interstate has views of the river in places that are from a distance but beautiful also.


I also like old country roads.  So pretty any time of year.  It’s really fun to go for a long walk on a country road.  You can hear all kinds of birds singing and then little chipmunks and squirrels rustling in the leaves.

weston 2

Weston, Vermont is really pretty.  There is a Weston Playhouse there that has plays that are really fun to go to.  My cousin and I had a lot of fun one time going to one of the plays and we went to the Weston Vermont Country store shopping in Weston and we also had lunch at a delightful Vermont Country Store restaurant.

country store

I love the old fashioned candy that they have at the country store.  My grandkids used to love me to bring them all kinds of old fashioned candy.

download (1)

I bought one of the Vermont Country Store weaved table cloths and I just love it.  It really looks nice on my kitchen table.


I love the Vermont Country store maple leaf cookies.  And then the Vermont Common crackers that are in a canister are so good.



Another fun place to visit in Vermont is Putney.  It’s just above Brattleboro and we used to like to go to Basketville there.  They used to have a really fun wine tasting there from a bubbly wine that is made from apples.  You would not believe how good it is.  I think they still have that wine.  Plus the picnic baskets and all kinds of baskets are fun to browse.


A really fun place to go for an elegant dining experience for a special occasion is The Castle Hill Restaurant that is Cavendish which is just below Ludlow.   It looks like a castle on the outside and the inside is just elegant.  When I worked at Okemo, we had a tour of all the local Inns and at the Castle they gave us wine, cheese and crackers to start the tour.

castle 2

Everything at the Castle Inn is just elegant.

castle 5

The dessert tray is just plain fancy at the Castle.

castle 4

Fancy Shrimp cocktails are a must have when you are out for a special occasion.

castle 7

The Castle is just a dream place to have a very romantic and fun dinner.

newfane 7.jpg

Another beautiful place in Vermont is Newfane.   The Four Columns Inn there is just classic Vermont.

newfane 2

I love the decor and the classic design.

stowe 2

Another fun place to visit in Vermont is Stowe.  Mount Mansfield is the hightest elevation mountain in Vermont.


The Rabbit Hill Inn in Waterford is just plain romantic.  I love Country Inns as they usually are classic and never go out of style.

rabbit 3


I love how Country Inns have all kinds of fancy buffets.


I also love their choices for breakfasts.


As well as fancy dinners.   I love how Chefs make a dinner plate just elegant.  And they usually have restaurants at the Inns where you can dine at even if you don’t stay there.


The jacuzzi tubs with candles is just a nice touch in Country Inns.


The Rabbit Hill Inn is the same style as the Four Columns Inn in Newfane.  I love that style.

Vermont has four seasons and there is something beautiful in each season.


The winters are a little long, but if you can get away where it’s warmer for a few weeks in the winter, Vermont is just plain beautiful to me.





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