Boston Ballet Nutcracker

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When I worked at Holstein Association International Services in Brattleboro, VT, our unit received a Christmas gift of going to the Nutcracker performed by the Boston Ballet.   I will never forget it.   It was one of the most memorable times of my entire life.   We could bring one guest and my gentleman friend would not go with me as he can be miserable at times.  So I took my young son at the time who was only around 12 years old.   My ex-husband dumped me when I was only 30 years old.  It devastated my entire life as it hurt beyond measure.  But my son had so much fun with me that day.   It was a snowy day and they had a chartered bus take us to Boston.   What a beautiful, beautiful day.   We had donuts and coffee on the bus and then we had the whole day to just shop around and enjoy Boston.  Then we were all going to meet up at the Wang Center for the Nutcracker performed by the Boston Ballet.

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My son and I started at Faneuil Hall and Quincey Market.  So beautiful with all the Christmas lights and the falling snow.

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We had fun shopping around all day and stopping to have hot chocolate.   Then the Wang Center was just awesome.


The Nutcracker was just beautiful and elegant.  We had some of the best seats in the house as they spared no expense.   What a beautiful Christmas present.

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After the Ballet at the Wang Center we went to the Top of the Hub and could have anything that we wanted on the menu.  The Top of the Hub is 52 floors up and the view of the Christmas lights of Boston and snow falling was just magical.  I remember they had Christmas music playing in the background and Ava Maria particularly was memorable.

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They had all kinds of really fancy foods.   I think that my son had seafood platter because Boston has really good seafood being right on the ocean.

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I remember that I had a really fancy dessert.

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I had Fish and Chips which is just a total Boston treat.

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My son had creme brulee which is really fancy and really delicious.

It snowed really a lot that day and it was just beautiful fluffy snow that came up to our knees by the time we got out of the Top of the Hub.   The chartered bus took us home and we didn’t have to worry about driving.  They told us to wear boots because you would never know about the weather.   I wore high heels.   And you can imagine the flack that I got.   But it was still a really, really memorable day.

If you ever  want to have a beautiful Christmas time experience, go to Boston and the Wang Center and then the Top of the Hub for dinner.



2 thoughts on “Boston Ballet Nutcracker

  1. Thanks for sharing this memory of an obviously very special outing that you and your son enjoyed together. it seems it turned out all for the best when your gentleman friend declined your invitation and most likely he would have complained the weather anyway. I liked the fact that it snowed too.

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    1. Actually my son enjoyed it and my gentleman friend definitely would have complained about everything for sure. 🙂 The snow really was pretty that day. Thanks for the comment. You made me smile and I could sure use that today.


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