Sunday Musings

yankee 2

In Grantham, NH they have a Yankee Barn model home and the above is part of the kitchen with like a little greenhouse breakfast nook on the side of it.   I just adore that idea.  It’s so sunny and just cozy.  That model home is called the Gathering Yankee Barn Home.  It’s very expensive and has all the extras but still an awesome dream house.

yankee 3

There is a loft with open beams and the fireplace is two-sided with the other side in the dining room.  I love a field stone fireplace.


The above is the Yankee Barn home cottage.   It is smaller then their model home that they have in Grantham but the great room is on this side of the home with that huge window.  There is a loft with the open beams and cathedral ceilings.   I love the farm house porch on the front.  I love everything about the Yankee Barn homes and the one called Craftsbury Cottage is my favorite of all favorites which is a modular but everything quality in it.


I would start with this home in a nice location because location is everything in Real Estate.  The fireplace and kitchen would be the extras that would just be worth every cent it cost in my opinion and the breakfast nook.   It would just be on a smaller scale then the model home but would make the home affordable as well as awesome.


I thought that the balcony was on the back of the house, but the house plan  shows the master bedroom on the side of the house in the loft with french doors to a balcony.  And there is a screened in porch on the back.   You would never guess this was a modular home and affordable.   It looks like something that people from down country come up here in the mountains and build where money is no object to them.




One of my favorite fashion bloggers,  had 15 outfits ideas to wear for Thanksgiving.  I liked the above idea.


I liked the above idea, also.  The ankle boots and white sweater are kind of neat.


The above pocketbook is really classy looking and is sort of like the Hermes Birkin bag that costs $24,000.00.   The above pocketbook is like $300.00 and I would not pay that for a pocketbook.   I like leather pocketbooks, but never pay more then like $60.00 for them at the most.  But I like the look and style of those pocketbooks.  I don’t like pretense, but I love a classy look.   When I was much younger, I wanted the best and always thought that you get what you pay for.  But not always I realize in my more mature years.   When you search and read reviews, it’s amazing what you can learn and find.


Above is the Birkin Bag that is from France.  It costs $24,000.00, but I have seen a lot of pocketbooks that are lookalikes for under $100.00.   Neiman Marcus has a bag that looks like the Birkin for $2000.00.   It might even be a Birkin, but not one of the most expensive ones.  Martha Stewart has a Birkin.

I like nice things but would not waste money even if I could.   And I can’t even if I wanted to.  Oh well.

place setting

I like to watch the Food Network on Saturday mornings.  There were a couple of Barefoot Contessa shows and Ina Garten had a couple of neat Thanksgiving table settings.  She had pumpkin cookies with names on them for place settings.

ina table 2

Then Ina had orange tulips and clementines plus orange napkins and little white candle votive on one of the table settings.  She got the tulips at the grocery store.  She said she bought the pumpkin cookies from Eli’s bakery and then wrote names on them.

ina table 3

Ina’s second table had table runners going horizontal on the table instead of vertical.  Then she had caramel filled chocolates with sea salt on top that were from France and tangerines and white candle votives down the center of the table.

ina table

Then Ina’s 3rd table idea was for a round table and she had a Fall flower arrangement in the middle


Craftsy has an on line class to make embroidered pillows and quilts using a sewing machine.  I have those embroider stitches on my machine but I have never used them.   The class is usually $40.00, but right now it’s $19.00.   Love that on line class.  Craftsy has just amazing classes for on line.


My favorite shopping place is now Aldi’s.   They have quality produce, organic and specialty foods at affordable prices.  I got some of their Friendly Farms cheddar cheese there and it was the best cheese I ever bought.  And it was only $1.49.  They offer organic produce and their Kale Salad Blends are only $2.49 at the Aldi’s I went to.  Their 3 pack yellow, red and green peppers, mini cukes, red grapes, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados and seasonal berries, melons, apples, pears and clementines are really a bargain and always fresh.  Their canned goods are like .50 or .60 cents and their fit and active line which has products with reduced sodium, fat and/or calories at a few cents more.  All their organic foods are a $1.00 less then regular grocery stores and they have coveted USDA organic labels on them.  Their chicken sausage varieties are mostly fully cooked and $2.99 for 4 sausage and free from preservatives.  Their whole wheat bread is only $1.79 and they have specialty breads.  Their refrigerated cheese tortellini is really good.   Also their nut butters are at a great price.  You know how expensive Almond butter is at like $7.00 to $9.00.   At Aldi’s it’ $4.99.   Their Quinoa is $3.49 for a 16 oz package.  I could go on and on.  I do not have an Aldi’s really close but it’s worth a once a week trip down Int. 91 to Brattleboro or down rt 12 to Keene, NH.

Today it is cloudy and chilly outside.  At least it’s not snowing here yet.  Have a wonderful day.





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