Tuesday Musings


I love how the Woodstock Inn decorates their front entrance for different seasons.


In December Woodstock has a “Waisal” weekend and they have caroling and everyone dresses up in old-fashion clothes.  There is a parade and all kinds of events for a whole weekend.


I love Burpee seeds anyways and they have a contest where you can win a beautiful advent calendar that isn’t available to be sold, but is exclusive.  You just have to write in a comment on their facebook page what new seeds that they have that you would like to plant and why.  They will choose a winner.


I chose the Candy Mountain sunflower.   I love sunflowers anyways and the color in that Candy Mountain variety is just beautiful.   Plus it is a cutting flower and I love how they bring sunlight into your home when you arrange them in a vase.  There all kinds of new seeds to choose from.


I love soft throws and the above throw is from Walmart.  It’s called Comfortable cuddlings and it costs only $9.98.  I think that it is a must have.


Another product that I want to get is the OXO herb keeper.  I have an OXO container that I keep lettuce in that is a different shape then the above, but the same idea and I love it.  It works really well and when I buy baby greens or kale, that container keeps the produce fresh for over a week or so.


I really like King Arthur Flour.  They have a recipe on their website for Chocolate Mousse Cake that is an award winning recipe.  I pinned the recipe on my Cake board on my Pinterest.

harvest bread kaf

Then they have what they call “bundles” for everything that you need to make for example Harvest Grains bread.  Their products are like the best of the best for baking.

kaf thermapen

Their thermapen is on sale right now at 15% off.  It’s very expensive, but would be a nice tool to have for the kitchen.  Especially if you like to do roasts and need to get the exact temperature to tell when it’s done.

rolling pin kaf

And then the Vermont Maple rolling pin and the mat to roll out pie dough is something that I have on my wish list.


On QVC they had the above makeup organizer and I just could not resist it.  Everything was on like 5 or 6 easypays a few days ago and even I can afford $4.00 a month for a few months.   I saw it last year and didn’t get it.  So when I saw it again, I just could not help myself.  I just love it as all the clutter on my counter in the bathroom is all organized now.  It spins around so you can see where everything is.  Besides that, I got that “today’s special” which was 5 products from IT Cosmetics that included a $58.00 makeup brush and the whole gift box with all 5 products was under $50.00 on their special and on 5 easy pays, which is really nice.   I have two of IT Cosmetics makeup brushes and they are the best brushes I have ever seen.   And their makeup is all they say it is.   Really works nice.  Twice I have gotten their products when they were on special and if you buy them in a regular store, you pay 3 times what they are on the QVC specials.

Thanksgiving outfit

I like the above sweater from Nordstrom.  It’s just classic and never goes out of style.  I like the black one because it’s slimming and also very warm.

thanksgiving 2

Then  a white one  goes with everything.


And a green one for the Christmas season.  Just those 3 sweaters could be mixed and matched to make a lot of outfits.

vs pjs

Victoria’s Secret had a sale on PJ’s that included a neat pair of slippers on special for $39.00, which is a good deal because the slippers alone were $28.00.

vs lounge pj

I liked the lounge set above as well as the red knit pj’s.  They had all kinds of styles to choose from.


I saw the above in my facebook feed and it made me smile.


I like Le Creuset pots and the above cookbook must have some really good recipes in it for using Le Creuset pots.  As you know, the Le Creuset are castiron but covered over with enamel, and they work really nice and are easy to clean.  Anything I have ever made in my Le Creuset comes out perfect.  The French really know what they are doing when it comes to cooking.  And the Le Creuset are worth every cent that they cost because that enamel doesn’t come off.  It’s on there forever.


The next pot that I want to get is the braising pot above.  It’s like an every day pan that really comes in handy.

Le Cuisine set

I would also love all three of the above.  To me, they are a home cooks dream.  I can’t afford all of them, so what I have is a 3.75 quart Le Creuset pot with a handle and it has a grill pan for a cover.  I just love it as I make homemade soups in it a lot and the grill pan comes in handy.


sp c 4

On Google yesterday you could click on to see a tour of the Space Station.  It gave me goosebumps and flip flops in my stomach.  That little rocket in the bottom window is like a lifeboat to take them back to earth in an emergency.

So beam me up, Scottie.   Over and out for now.





4 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

  1. You are so right, LinnyLouise about good cookware. This year, we started replacing out older stainless with All-Clad stainless. They are pricey too, so I have bought several on Amazon Warehouse deals. A friend recentky told me that there is an outlet store in PA so we will have to find it one day, but not too soon! The Woodstock Inn was so amazing and we toured in on our recent Killington trip. I definitely want to return to stay there. Thise sweaters did look comfy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Beatrice….All-Clad stainless is the ultimate. I’ve seen it on the Home Shopping network and sometimes they have good deals, but it is still pricey. I have a niece in PA and they have so many malls in their area and my brother and his wife go down there a lot shopping. That outlet store sounds like a nice find!. Amazon Warehouse sounds awesome. I’m going to look that up. The Woodstock Inn is really nice. It’s very expensive but we have gone there for dinner on special occasions, like after church on Easter Sunday for their buffet and when Sigurd’s brother came out from California and we had dinner there. I like comfy sweaters also.


  3. Another fun post Linny!! I going to look up that chocolate cake!! I’m having friends in for dinner on Saturday and wanted to try a new chocolate cake– this looks luscious! And love those yummy turtle neck sweaters– I’m always happy when it gets cool enough to be sweater weather around here!! How was your Thanksgiving?? Lots of pie?? Do you have a big family close by?? hugs from here!


  4. Thank you Rhonda! Sounds like you like to bake and chocolate is always a favorite. I like the cooler weather and right now it gets really cold in New England and going outside you need to dress in layers. Classic sweaters are always a good investment in the wardrobe. We went to a buffet for Thanksgiving and then up to Killington where they were making snow and preparing for the Women’s World Cup which was kind of fun. Our families are in New Jersey and North Carolina on his side and close on my side but we get together at Christmas. We had pumpkin pie, chocolate cream and little cheesecakes. They were all little tiny portions so you could try a little of each. How was your thanksgiving? hugs from here!


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