Ideas and Inspiration


I collect Temp-tations by Tara and the Harvest collection is kind of neat.   The above tea set is usually $49.00 but right now it’s on sale for $24.00 with free shipping on the Temp-tations website.


I collect the blue Old World pattern and would love to add that to my collection while it is on sale.


I really like the Craftsy courses that you can take online.  There about 3000 courses to choose from and they keep adding courses all the time.  I got a new Kitchenaid food processor and I am definitely taking the above course.

Embroidered quilt

I have a beautiful sewing machine that does all the embroidery stitches.   I am defintitely taking the Craftsy course that teaches how to use all those embroidery stitches in a quilt.   The course makes a pillow and a quilt.


I also want to take the Craftsy course to learn how to knit like a master.  I love it.


Then they have Scott Conant who is on the Food Network and has an Italian Restaurant in New York City teach a course on Pasta on a Craftsy course.


It’s called Pasta Like A Pro.   I’m taking that course for sure.


class 10

And then the Chef that teaches at King Arthur Flour Courses has a bread, scone and jam course that I am going to take.

Each one of these courses costs anywhere from $40.00 to $67.00 but they are all on a special price right now for about half price.   Plus Sigurd said that he would pay for me to take the special that they have to sign up for a year and take any of the 3000 courses that I want for a year.   I love, love, love it.  After bills and food, I have no money left, so this means a lot to me and I really love being able to do these awesome courses.   Anyone can learn a lot from them.  I already have the King Arthur Flour Pizza course as well as their rolls course.   It’s about $125.00 for each of those courses if you take them at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT.  Martha Stewart taught one of the courses last year at King Arthur Flour and the class sold out really fast and only a few got to take that course.


There is also a course on Craftsy on how to make the most of your Pressure Cooker.   I don’t have a pressure cooker, but in case I want one in the future, I would like to see how they work and what you can make with them.



My little Grandson turns 2 on next Monday and I made him a birthday card.  He loves Chuggington and I found the above to put on the front of the photo card.  Then it had “Happy Birthday in a fancy gold font and I personalized it with his name.  On the inside I had a photo of him that was really cute and then a photo of him with his whole family that I took when they were visiting one time.  And I wrote a personal message to him.   It came out so cute and you would never be able to find one like it anywhere.  It was a lot of searching and work but worth every bit of effort I put in it.  I did it by using photo cards on line at Walgreens and they have a local store where I could pick it up today.


I had the panel material to make the above quilt for my little grandson, but I bought one all made on Etsy for him.   I hope that he likes it.


I have a slow cooker and have only used it once.  I have a ton of recipes on my Pinterest Crock Pot board.  My daughter in law puts a whole chicken in her slow cooker and makes a roast chicken that is really, really good.  I found some recipes for the slow cooker chicken and put them on my crock pot board on my Pinterest.


I love French foods and I have pinned all kinds of French Recipes on my Pinterest French Recipes board.


I like to try diets and the above is what my good intentions usually pan out like.  Oh well.


I love Taco Pizza and I found a recipe that uses refrigerated dough biscuits for the little individual pizzas.  I pinned the recipe on my refrigerated dough board on my Pinterest.


And that’s my inspirations and ideas for today.

4 thoughts on “Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Wow that’s a lot of food ideas for this post. I also like to see videos, but have found free ones online via YouTube which is nit quite the same as a master chef teaching


  2. Hi Linny! I agree with Beatrice– so many beautiful ideas!! I’m a (very amateur) quilter too– so your class recommendations are intriguing. And love love the tea set– I a bit a a dish-aholic! Fun post!! thanks thanks. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Rhonda! I signed up for Craftsy yesterday for a two week trial and have been having fun with seeing what they have for classes. So fun and I love it. I really am a bit of a dish-aholic myself. Every time I go to T J Max I head to the dishes and always find a must have. Plus Temp-tations and Pfalzgraff on line. Thanks for the comment. xo


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