December Ideas and Inspirations

kaf 7

I like Christmas cut out cookies.  They are so easy to make and so fun to decorate.

kaf cutters

I like the King Arthur Flour cookie cutters.  So cute.

kaf cookie n2

I have the King Arthur Flour ’54 Pickup truck with the Christmas tree in the back, which is just too cute.


Gingerbread Cookies are always fun.

lock 2

I got the Lock N Lock containers with the gift bags when they were a “todays special” a few weeks ago on QVC.  I think they will be cute to put Christmas cookies in for little gifts.


I like thumb print cookies or Raspberry Shortbread Cookies.  I put the recipe in my Pinterest Christmas recipes.

kaf cookie cutter

I also like the King Arthur Flour Polar Bear cookie cutter.  So fun to decorate.

kaf snowglobe 2

The Snow Globe cookie cutter at King Arthur Flour is such a cute idea.

kaf snowglobe

You can decorate the cookies any way you want.


I like the idea of the star string lights for a kitchen window.


Keene, NH is so pretty at Christmas time.

A sleigh ride in Iowa.

I’ve never been on a sleigh ride, but they have them available to try in a lot of local places.  Looks like fun.


I like Norman Rockwell’s painting of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  I always get a Norman Rockwell desk calendar free from the Walpole Savings Bank this time of year.


Stockbridge celebrates Norman Rockwell each December with old time cars and all.  Looks like fun.

P1320822 (1)

I saw a recipe for a No Bake Eggnog Cheesecake that sounded interesting.  I pinned the recipe in my Christmas recipes board on my Pinterest.


Maple Nut Fudge sounds really good.  I found several recipes, but the recipe with a cup and a half of real maple syrup sounded the best.  Some recipes called for a teaspoon of maple extract.   I don’t think so.  I like the real maple syrup idea.  I pinned the recipes on my Christmas Recipes on my Pinterest.


I like Colonial Lantern lights with greens on them all dressed up for Christmas.


I think that twilight just after a new snowfall is beautiful.


I used the above photo to make my Christmas cards this year.  I just make photo cards on line at Walgreens.   I made labels for my Christmas Cards by using a photo of a ’54  Chevy Pickup Truck with a Christmas tree in the back and making them on line on the Avery website.


And that’s my ideas and inspirations for the moment.  🙂

2 thoughts on “December Ideas and Inspirations

  1. Hi Linny!! This really puts me in the mood for an old fashioned Christmas!! unfortunately, we just have to imagine snow around here!! And — did yo decorate those cookies??! Wow, they are beautiful! Merry Christmas!! Hope it’s a sweet time of year for you there! xox

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  2. Hi Rhonda Sittig……….We haven’t got snow yet here either but it’s supposed to snow by next week, maybe. Those cookies are my inspiration from King Arthur Flour. I have the cookie cutters and can’t fail recipes. So I just will have fun with them. I didn’t decorate those cookies for sure. I just like to have fun and sometimes I surprise myself and stuff comes out the way I want. I emphasize “sometimes”. Merry Christmas!! Hope it’s a sweet time of year for you there, also! xox


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