Monday – Dec 11, 2017


Waddle waddle in the snow.   We finally got a little snow yesterday.  It’s supposed to snow more within 48 hours according to the weather news.


It’s pretty when the snow sticks to the trees.  I like how people put white lights on trees.  You can leave the lights up year round and they just sparkle like star light.


The shooting star Christmas lights have the wow factor in my opinion.  They are a Martha Stewart project that she has the directions to make them on her website.  She just uses a star shape from a craft shop and attaches lights.   So neat.


What a neat idea for Christmas lights.



New snow is pretty if you don’t have to be on the roads.  The town I live in is all hills.  Very steep hills and you really need 4-wheel drive.  I just have a very light Prius that goes into anti-lock breaks and slips and slides if I have to go up a slippery hill.  Oh, the times that I have had.


How cozy does the above little reading nook look?   That’s a pond outside and that blogger’s husband and son built her that awesome cottage on their land in Nova Scotia.  She has all kinds of  beautiful gardens there in the summer.  I just like that style.


I love a picket fence.  It’s even beautiful in the winter.


I love old fashion traditions like steam pudding.  I used to have a special mold that was just for steam pudding but it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.


Then the old fashion yule log is such a nice tradition.  I love stuff like that.


And then little mincemeat pies.  So good with vanilla ice cream.


Remember when fondue was all the rage.   I still like it.


And then Kir Royals that are so bubbly.


I like those paper snowflakes.  I made some with my grandsons a few days ago and they just turn out so cute.

rolls and buns

My latest class that I took on Craftsy was a King Arthur Flour course with Jeff Yankellow who is an award winning baker.  I just loved that class.  So many tips and techniques plus recipes that can be printed out.

rolls 2

I loved seeing how he made the yeast rolls like my Gram used to make and bring to gatherings.

cin roll

And then his Cinnamon Rolls that he made with his whole wheat dough that are tasty as well as more healthy.  What a nice tradition to make them for Christmas morning.  He gave a nice tip on how not to be afraid to try things and if they don’t come out the first time to take notes and figure out what needs to be adjusted.


4 thoughts on “Monday – Dec 11, 2017

  1. I’m absolutely loving all your showy photos!! In Southern California, we never have a whit Christmas!! And those rolls looks amazing!! I have a gift card someone gave me for King Arthur– I wonder if I can use it for a cooking class too?? And– how is your Christmas coming along?? Are you the cook for the family?? Or do you travel to be with family or friends?? We are up in San Francisco with our kids for a little early Christmas right now. Hope you have a wonderful tiem ahead–Merry Christmas!! xox


  2. Thank you Rhonda Sittig! I envy the weather that you have in California. I have only been there a few times and was only a brief time at the airport in Los Angeles. What I like is that you can have a garden year round. You probably could use your King Arthur Flour gift card for cooking classes at their store in Norwich, VT. Their cooking classes that I took that had some of their instructors were on line were with Craftsy on line. Christmas is all about family and how nice to be all together with your kids in San Francisco. We have 2 sons and 6 grandsons. The youngest grandson is 2 and the oldest one is 18 and in his first year of college. Totally blessed. We have fun. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead! xox


  3. Merry after Christmas, Linnylouise, as I am just now catching up on blog reading. Even though I am rather late to reading this post (as well as several older ones) I did so much enjoy them. Thank you for taking the time to post such lovely images. I too like a picket fence and it’s lovely when snow-covered too. And, we have been to the King Arthur headquarters in VT – great place, but I’ve never taken a class.

    We were away from our NH home from late November until just a week before Christmas, not on vacation, but stopping in several states to check on a house we’re (still) hoping to sell. It was supposed to close in Dec, but now it looks like (hopefully) sometime early in 2018. We also did visit with some friends, went to the USAF holiday concert in Washington DC (awesome) and celebrated our granddaughter’s 1st birthday in PA. We arrived back in New England a week short of Christmas, yet managed to get our small tree up and some other favorite holiday decorations out. And, we did this on a snowy Friday before Christmas while a crockpot of stew was cooking away!

    Gift giving was modest for the grandchildren and a couple of small friendship gifts because that isn’t what it’s all about.

    Sending best wishes to you for a very wonderful and Happy New Year. And, perhaps we will connect on a future visit to VT. I so want to spend more time in Woodstock, especially at the Inn.

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  4. Wishing you a very wonderful and happy new year Beatrice. Thank you for visiting my blog. What a nice Christmas you had! Washington DC USAF concert must have been awesome! A first birthday for your granddaughter in PA is just so nice for you all to be able to be there to celebrate! Nice that you sold the house you wanted to sell and are just waiting for the closing. Then a crockpot of stew cooking away while putting up a tree and decorations on a snowy Friday night is just cozy and fun. Christmas is about family and being together and not about buying the stores out with gifts. Woodstock is also one of our favorite places because Sigurd grew up there. We go there a lot. Perhaps we will connect on one of your future visits to Vermont.


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