January 2018


January is the start of a new year.  I like to get organized and I like all the neat containers that they have for organizing a pantry.


I got some little Pioneer Woman jars at the Walmart that are perfect for storing walnuts, California blend almonds, cranberries, raisins and pistachios, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.   I love them and I put them on a little turn table in my pantry.  Then I got a glass canister at the Walmart for storing flour.


I like to put the nut blends on my oatmeal in the morning along with blueberries, sliced banana, flax seed, wheat germ and cinnamon.  One of my favorite breakfasts along with a cup of coffee.


I collect Pistoulet and I bought myself the above canister.  I got a really neat deal on it a few weeks before Christmas.  It was 30% off and free shipping from Pfalzgraff.   I don’t know what would be good to put in it.  But I will think of something.


cuddle duds

I like leggings and the above “Cuddle duds” are only $19.99 on QVC home shopping.  They are just fun to lounge around in and they are warm.  Plus they are great for any exercise like yoga or aerobic walking.

cuddle duds 2

There is a matching top that is kind of cute and stylish.  I like the black leggings, also.


I saw a recipe for the Lemon Herb Mediterranean Chicken Salad that sounded kind of good.  I pinned the recipe on my salads board on my Pinterest.


I like banana bread and King Arthur Flour’s recipe of the year is “Whole Grain Banana Bread”.  Yum!  I pinned the recipe on my King Arthur Flour recipe board on my Pinterest.


I really like Food Network’s Gesine Bullock Prado’s “Baked in Vermont” TV show.  She also teaches Craftsy classes and you can have access to all her classes on Craftsy.   She built a cooking school called “Sugar Glider Kitchen” attached to her home in Hartford, VT.  The above is her beautiful home that is near King Arthur Flour.  She also teaches classes at King Arthur Flour.  Her sister is Sandra Bullock.  She said that she was going to have a series of 6 shows and the 6th show is this Saturday.   I really hope that she will do more shows.  She is the best.

gesine pie

Gesine’s pie crust recipe is awesome.  She really knows baking and she said that she is self taught.


I noticed that people sometimes come from long distances to take classes at Gesine’s and she suggests for one of the places to stay is the Woodstock Inn.


Primroses are in the grocery stores now.  I got the above primrose this week and it cheers up very cold winter days.  Right now the wind is howling and we are in the middle of a northeaster for sure.  Frigid polar weather.

Sun rising over Peacham

I like the above photo of Peacham, VT.

It’s late and I guess that I have to call it a day.  Good night all.




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