January 24, 2018


This week has been in the 30’s mostly.  A couple of foggy days, a little snow and some freezing rain.  The ice got broken up in the rivers because of rain and some areas got flooded from back up of the rivers.


The covered bridge between Windsor, VT and Cornish, NH was closed and the road on the NH side was flooded.

madeleines 2

I have been enjoying Craftsy on line classes and have access to 3000 of their classes with their Craftsy Unlimited deal.  I only have to pay $15.00 a month or $125.00 for a year.  Just one of their classes is usually about $45.00 or so and sometimes they can be about $19.00.  And yesterday I found a class on French Madeleines and Macarons which was really fun for me because I love anything French.


The class showed step by step instructions on how to make Lemon Madeleines.  I have a Madeleine pan and have been wanting to make some of those delightful little creations.


They also made Mocha Madeleines.  They are called a cookie but they are almost like a shell shaped little sponge cake.  I just love them.  It’s like something out of a French Pastry Shop.  They have class materials that have all the recipes and tips that can be printed out that goes along with the video class.  I just love it because, to me, it’s like going to Culinary School.


There was also a Craftsy blog that showed how to write fancy on a chalkboard.   Then I found an art journal class and a class on rubber stamping.  I love it.

Farmhouse Rules

I watched Nancy Fuller with her Farmhouse Rules program today on the Food Network and saved the above recipes on my Farmhouse Rules Pinterest board.  I also printed the recipes out because they were all very healthy recipes.  The Chocolate Nut bars were just cashews and some trail mix with coconut oil and honey.  Plus coconut oil and dark chocolate melted together for a glaze.   No sugar.  The roasted Veggie salad had goat cheese in it and a really neat dressing idea.  The blueberry smoothie had milled flaxseed and yogurt and chia seeds along with the blueberries.   And I think Almond milk.  The salmon really looked and sounded good to me.  The Chicken-veggie soup had beef bone broth in it and she made her own bone broth.  I think that this was one of my favorite cook shows in awhile.  All the recipes are on the Food Network website, also.


Valentines day is in a few weeks.  The above inspiration for a tablescape is one that I found on a blog a few years ago.  I like the red crystal goblet and the crystal water glass.  I like the red candles and the little white tea light candles.  The little Raspberry Heart cakes are really cute.


I pinned the recipe on my Valentines board on my Pinterest.


The Wilton heart pan is on Amazon.


Every year I want to get the heart shape Le Creuset.  But I never do.   So cute.   On the Le Creuset website they have a recipe for Fig and Goat cheese Stuffed chicken Breast with Fennel and Potatoes for a recipe for that heart shape pot.  So cute for Valentines day.


I like the above idea for a chest of drawers for a sewing room.  I love the color of it, the oval mirror and the carved wood.


I like the above colors for paint.  Especially the Sea Salt color.


I also love the above idea for a mudroom.


Over and out from chilly Vermont.

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