January fantasies



The above house is everything I love.  It was for sale and then it went off the market for some reason.  But the view and the style is just awesome.


That house has the above little breakfast nook which I love.  To make it my complete dream home, I would put a crystal chandelier and a white french style round table and chairs.


I would remodel the kitchen to my Martha Stewart Seal Harbor kitchen that can be bought at Home Depot.

bathroom dream

I would remodel the master bedroom bathroom to a luxury bath.  Complete with a glassed in shower that was marble and a rain shower.


I would have the dining room furnished like the above for fun family gatherings for holidays and special occasions.

2eb56bbf84f020a12750189ee1f4e546 (1)

I love the idea of a little elegant office with a French style desk and chair.


I would make the laundry room remodeled to look like the above.


I would create a French kitchen garden with herbs and everything for salads.

cottage 20

I would create a secret garden for outdoor dining in the summer.


I would put in a pond and a gazebo and a pond.







I would add a pantry.

And with all that, it makes some nice pipe dreams for a cold winter day.

The house had a really reasonable price on it and if like as little as $40,000.00 was put into it, you could have all that for $300,000.00.   Now after the remodeling and little touches to make it your own, it would be exactly as your own taste would be.  But that would be my taste.

Because I had a real estate license, I know location is everything.  It has to be near work where you could get a good income to pay for it or near skiing or some attraction.  That house is not in that location.  And that is why it is off the market and why it is at such a reasonable price in my opinion.   The resale value would be less then you paid for it. Where as in the right location, you would double your investment.











2 thoughts on “January fantasies

  1. The house was lovely and you are so right about location being so important, LinnyLouise. When we bought our home in a small VA town, we put a lot of own touches into it. Now, that we are finally close to selling it, after nearly 6 years, we have decided that home ownership is not in our future again. That said, your ideas for redocorating were very nice to see. Thanks for sharing. I was curious as to the location of the home your mentioned in this post.

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  2. Hi, Beatrice. That house looks like a gem and it was for sale and they didn’t sell it, they took it off of the market. It’s actually beautiful just the way it is. And I mean beautiful. I only added little pipe dreams that I love in designs that I have seen. That said, it will probably go back on the market. It’s located in Claremont, NH which is just across the border from Vermont. But at the price they were asking, you always have to look for disclosures. And there must be a reason other then location. Because the upper valley is not that far away for work at Dartmouth College and the hospital. And the view is actually a dream view. Plus the place looks immaculate move in ready. It would be a nice house to flip I think unless there is something I don’t know. Home ownership is nice. Congratulations on being close to selling your home in VA. I know that when you put your own touches on a home, it’s sometimes regretted when you think of selling it.


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