Garden Plans and Ideas


You know those fancy salads where they have edible flowers on them?  Well the Johnny Scheepers website has collections of seeds that you can buy for around $20.00 for each collection.  The above collection is the Edible Flower Garden Collection.  He has special collections that have free shipping, also.  Can you just imagine those flowers in a kitchen garden?  I love it!



Then there were 2 herb garden collections that sounded neat.


The French Garden collection had shallets in it.  Can you imagine feeling like a French chef to have all those garden fresh ingredients to cook with?  I love it!


There was a “Happy Baby Garden” collection with baby beets, baby carrots etc.


Then there was a Spring Greens collection that would be so fun to have for salads.

There was a Pumpkin Patch, Italian Fall Garden, Sunny yellow/orange flower garden, butterfly flower garden, bouquet flower garden, cottage flower garden and a ton more.  I wanted them all, actually.


They offered a free Valentine gift bag with each collection that you ordered.  I think that it would be fun to order at least a couple of collections.  A valentines gift for oneself.  Why not.  The French Garden collection with Julia Child’s Mastering French Cooking cook book would be an ultimate gift.  So awesome just the thought of it.

I found Johnny Sheepers garden seeds from the Martha Stewart website a few years ago.  She uses those seeds in her gardens and I ordered a catalog and also several other catalogs from seeds that she has for her gardens.


I just love all kinds of garden ideas.


I saw the above soup recipe that sounded really good.  I love the bowtie  pasta and artichokes idea in the soup.

Farmhouse Rules

The Food network’s Farmhouse Rules with Nancy Fuller had some interesting healthy recipes last week.  I put the link on my Farmhouse Rules board on my Pinterest.


I would love a chicken coop with a few chickens and have farm fresh eggs.

And that’s my thoughts for today.




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