February Ideas



I love jewelry anyways and the above ring is just perfect for Valentines day.  It is from the Grace Kelly collection on QVC and looks like a real ruby and diamonds, but it is just a replica of the real thing.  I think that it is just beautiful.

earrings 2

Then there are earrings to match. So elegant.


The bracelet is just plain and totally very beautiful.


And then the necklace takes it over the top.  The whole set was on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine at one time and it was the replica, not the real one.  That’s how beautiful it is.  It was all on easy pay and reasonable prices at one time on QVC.  I love it for valentine’s day.  And it could have all gotten home for an unbelievable low price.  But who wants to pay that price for several months.  Actually I would if I could.  But I have bills that come first.  Oh well.


Just the ring and earrings with the above sweater would be fun to wear.

I like red anyways and the above V-neck sweater is perfect for February.  I like the style of it.

le creuset

The heart shape Le Creuset and the matching cocottes were on special with free shipping and $20.00 off the regular price.  Now it’s $14.00 shipping and the $20.00 added.  I was going to grab that offer when it was on special but could not swing it.  So cute to have and especially for Valentine’s Day.  I hate budgets.


There are all kinds of cute recipes for those cute shaped Le Creusets.  I liked the Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto recipe for the big heart Le Creuset and the Melting Hearts Chocolate Cakes for the cocottes.  If nothing else, I saved the recipes on my Le Creuset Pinterest board.


Then they had a terrycloth robe that had the cutest fur trim that was soft and looked rich like mink.


It even had a monagram initial of your choice.  How luxurious and fun is that?


Nordstrom had ideas for Valentine’s day like the above Cocoa Chanel parfume.  Wow, how nice.

silk pillowcase

And then the pure silk “Slip” pillow case at Nordstrom.  I have read that a silk pillow case prevents wrinkles in the skin.  Also it prevents hair from going flat.


I love scarfs.  And the above scarf is so stylish.


Then with the middle of winter weather, wouldn’t it be nice to just go and make over the “boudoir”!


I can’t do a lot of the above, but still love the ideas.  But I love anything French and especially Paris.  So I made myself a calendar on line from Walmart for just $10.00.  The above is the cover photo that I put on it.  I had some beautiful photos of all four seasons of Paris.  I just love it.


Winter………so magical.


Spring…….ohhh la la!  Se se bon!


And a summer picnic.  So fun to make that calendar.  I had a ton of photos and could only use 12 photos.  That was a Valentine’s gift for myself.  A neat calendar for my office.  It cheers up every day of the year.

I’ve always loved nice things.  But reality is that even a replica of nice things is sometimes not feasable and can be selfish to want.  But I always find ways around to just enjoy life anyways.  Little simple pleasures here and there.  Why not.

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