February Days


We got about 8 inches of snow today.  I didn’t know if I could make it up my hill but I did and did not even slip once.  I have a light Prius that goes into totally stopping at the slightest sign of a slip going up a hill.   I did a “Hail Mary” and held my breath.  Nothing like having to back down a hill when it is slippery.  Worst possible nightmare.  Been there, done that and it was scary.  When I got home, I was just so relieved.


It really is pretty when it snows.  The wind wasn’t blowing and the snow was light and dry as well as powdery.  It would have been fun to go skiing today.  It would be really fun to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is good on bad weather roads and then the money for a lift ticket for the whole day.  This kind of snow is beautiful for skiing.  Especially when you go on an easy trail that goes out and around and isn’t steep.  The views from the top of the mountain are just breath taking.  Then to have on a neat pair of ski goggles that have a tint to them.  If I won powerball, I would get a Jeep with a ski rack and just enjoy every snow day to the fullest.  But I think that it’s over $65.00 a day for a lift ticket.  Maybe more, now.  When I worked at Okemo and got free skiing, I never took advantage of it once because I worked all the time and didn’t have the time.  Now I have the time and don’t have free skiing.  Isn’t life grand?!


The above is a jeep we saw at Killington.  That would be sooo fun to have.  Wow!  I love it.

IMG_20180207_154913507 (1)

I picked up my calendar at the Walmart today.  It’s neat how you can make a calendar with any photos that you want.  I love my January photo.  It just makes me smile when I look at it.


And then to keep with the French theme of the day, I made a Paris Bistro Soup.  I used my Le Creuset pot and followed a recipe that I found on line.   I pinned the recipe on my French Recipes board on my pinterest.


It was snowing outside and I lit some candles and turned on my fireplace.  It was just cozy and just right for today.  I made a lot of soup from the Paris Bistro soup recipe and can have soup for lunch for a couple of days and freeze some for later.


The above cake is the one that you can make at Gesine Bullock-Prado’s cooking class that she has at her cooking school in Hartford, Vermont.  I would love, love, love to take one of her cooking classes.  They cost $85.00 a class.  In April she is having a cooking class for French Macarons.   I would love to take that class, also.


I like the above sweatshirt.   I like wine, but don’t really buy a lot of it.  Anything in moderation.  But have you seen those neat refrigerators that are just for wine.  They have the perfect temperature for wine.


In Vermont, the snow would chill the wine perfect.  Ha!




Wishing you a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “February Days

  1. Hi there Linny! Brilliant snow photos!! We live where it’s about 75 degrees right now– so I would love to have one of those snowy days!! And — love love your calendar. I agree the January photo is gorgeous!! Happy February! xox


  2. Hi there Rhonda Sittig! I like the 4 seasons but envy anyone that can have 75 degrees this time of year. Nice! Thanks for liking the calendar. I had fun making that calendar as Paris is my dream place. Happy February! xox


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