February <3

IMG_20170217_073801027 (1)

Valentines Day is coming up in a few days.


How romantic would it be to have candles in the snow path leading to the front door.

Valentine's Table 02

A romantic dinner for two with crystal glasses, red candles and fancy china.


Fig and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast with fennel and potatoes made in the heart shaped Le Creuset.

ring 2

I love the above ring with white and chocolate diamonds.


A new red top to wear.


A frosty tipped quarter zip pullover for him.  So that would be my idea for a very romantic Valentines day.

And then February is a cold, snowy month and ideal to have some sewing projects.  I took fashion and fabrics when I was in school for an extra class.  So I know the basics for sewing.



I love to sew and the above sewing table is from Walmart on line and I just think that it is a nice deal.  I have seen sewing tables that look just like it for hundreds of dollars more in price.  The sewing machine fits on that shelf in the middle when the table is not in use.  I have a beautiful sewing machine that would look beautiful with that table.


It’s just beautiful and folds up and out of the way when not in use.  I love the white one.


Anna Griffin had a chair something like the above but it’s no longer available.  I saw the above chair on Wayfair that has free shipping that looked like a perfect chair to have for that sewing table.  It has a French style look and it’s comfortable and sturdy.  It actually costs more then the sewing table.  But I just love the style.

So that is my inspirations for February.




5 thoughts on “February <3

  1. Hi Linny!! What a fun post– just in time for Valentine’s day! I love the sewing cabinet. My machine is in the hall cupboard and every time I use it, I have to lug it out to the dinning room table. The pretty cart would be perfect! Hope your Valentines Day is full of hugs and chocolate! xox

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    1. Hi Rhonda Sittig!! I just love all the ideas out there for Valentine’s day. And I love the sewing cabinet also. I searched and searched lots of times and could not find anything I liked as well or at a better price. Thank you for the Valentine wishes! Hope that your Valentines Day is full of hugs and chocolate as well! xox


  2. You have shown some lovely things here, LinnyLouise, but our Hearts Day celebration will be very low-key with lots of exchanged cards and perhspa dinner at our apt wearing comfortable flannels and dining by candlelight too.


  3. Sounds like a nice Hearts Day celebration, Beatrice! Nice! I love all the ideas out there. Valentines day is such a romantic day and so fun to plan.


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