Winter Soothers


It’s at the point where anything to soothe the horrible weather.  One day it’s cold, the next day it’s raining, the next day it’s snowing, then the day after that it’s a mix with freezing rain.  I think that the sun was out for a few minutes this morning.  Chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of Champagne.  Now that would make anything better.  Even horrible weather.


Maybe curl up by the fireplace with a good book and a hot toddy.  Escape reality for awhile.  The news is enough to make a saint want to scream and curse.


I don’t know about the strong part although to get this far I must be strong, but the little battered part fits.


In April the ice cream places open again. Another 5 weeks or so.  Why not have an ice cream cone right now.  Why not.


I love good luck symbols and I think the Le Creuset 4-leaf clover cocotte is a must have.  I just think it is too cute.  Even after St Patric’s day, it would be fun to use.  I could find all kinds of uses for it all year.


The above cheese board was made using products from Trader Joe’s.  The nearest Trader Joe’s from where I live is 100 miles away to Burlington or 100 miles away to Nashua, NH.


There is an Aldi’s in Keene, NH which is only about 30 miles or so away.  Aldi’s is owned by the same people as Trader Joe’s and has the same products.  I would love to get some of those products and make that cheese board.  That would liven up the dull winter that is getting a little much.

my desk

I had a desk like the above in my room when I was a kid.  I loved it.  It was an antique and because my brother was power of attorney when my Mom passed, my sister-in-law either threw away everything or gave it away.  So the above desk reminds me of that desk and I would like to get it because it brings back memories of some happy times.  You would not believe where I found that desk, but it’s affordable and not an antique.  I love it.


I think that fondue is always fun.  Especially with a glass of wine.


I love the above bench to have near the front entrance.  I like everything about it.  The white color, the place to sit and take your boots or shoes off, a place to hang your jacket or shopping bag.  Little drawers for storage. ❤


I would love a door like the above for my laundry room. ❤

So those are the thoughts that take away winter blues for me anyways. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Winter Soothers

  1. Thanks Rhonda Sittig! One of these days I’m going over to a New Hampshire Trader Joe’s in Nashua. They have all kinds of shopping malls over there. An accountant where I used to work traveled every day from Nashua so it’s really not that far. take care. xox


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