March Ideas and Inspirations


Colcannon Chowder has Russet potatoes that are quartered and boiled, shredded cabbage, onions, carrots and smoked turkey sausage that are browned in a skillet and then 1/4 of the potatoes blended with milk in an electric blender to thicken the chowder.  I pinned the recipe on my soup board on my Pinterest.



A nice Irish Soda Bread that has buttermilk in it to go with the Chowder.  Perfect for this time of year.  I pinned the link to this recipe on my Irish Recipes board on my Pinterest.

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Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt cake sounds really good to have.  I pinned the link to that recipe on my Barefoot Contessa recipe board on my Pinterest.


Winter days are back.  It’s snowing right now and no letup in sight.  If the weather is like this next week when we are going to the Boston Flower show, we are not going to be happy.  Hopefully it will be Spring weather again.


I bought a couple of bunches of Daffodils at the grocery store the other day and they were just buds.  Overnight they just bloomed into a beautiful bouquet.  I love them.  They cheer up snow days. ❤


I love the idea of a peg board where you can hang all kinds of little shelves and craft tools.  It just dresses up and organizes a sewing or craft room.

anna 2

I like Anna Griffin style and I ordered the above boxes from HSN.  I like the color print on them and think that they would be perfect to store photograph and scrapbooks in.  They just look elegant on a white shelf.


The above is my dream craft room with Anna Griffin furniture.


I would add shelves like the above that I would decorate much different then the photo.  This was a DIY project someone made from an old entertainment center.  Love the idea.


I like the chandelier and the “Smile” and “Dream” little signs in fancy scroll ideas.


I like Anna Griffin’s Cuddlebug machine where you can emboss cardstock with it.


It’s so neat how she shows how to make elegant cards with her ideas.


She just has all kinds of kits and ideas that are just plain fun to create with where she keeps adding on and on.  The above is just the start.  I like her big cabbage roses and framed sentiments that she adds.


I like to see ideas for entryways.  The above wreath on the door and that neat wall planter is a neat idea.  Then the pink and white plant in the corner is a nice touch.


I like the pink and white tulips in a Mason Jar idea.


I also like the yellow and white tulips in a mason jar and the lemons in a jar idea.


I like Spring print dishes mixed with the Jadeite.

miniature herb

I like the above little miniature herb garden in a box idea and it only takes one hour to make it.

thyme topiary

They made a little topiary in the middle out of Lemon Thyme by taking the leaves off the lower Thyme branches and then tieing them together and fluffing out the top Thyme.  Then they had Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Purple Sage, Grey Lavender, Golden Sage and Mini Blue Lavender in the little garden.  I love how they made a diamond shape path out of little stones.  Makes a nice little indoor herb garden.


I went to the Home Depot the other day and picked up some pamphlets in the kitchen section for ideas.   I love the above idea for the kitchen aid mixer.  The mixer swings up and out when you need it and stores safely when you don’t need it.

flower show 2018

My sister and I have bus tickets that include the admission tickets to the Boston Flower Show next week.  It’s going to be so fun and I’m going to take lots of photos for ideas.

bay window

I love the idea of a bay window over the kitchen sink to display all kinds of plants.


There are a lot of blackberries in the grocery store produce section now and I like the above idea for a salad using power greens.  They just added roasted pecans, pear and feta cheese.  Then an apple cider vinaigrette and then mixed it all up.

energy bites

I also saw a neat recipe for no bake energy bites.   They just put raw cashews, dried pineapple, unsweetened coconut and chia seeds in a food processor.  Then rolled that mixture into balls and rolled in coconut.  I pinned the recipe in my healthy recipes board on my Pinterest.  I like that combination and it makes a nice snack.


I like the above Poncho and ordered it on QVC home shopper.  It’s the Barefoot Dreams line and it’s perfect for travel.  Cozy, but not too heavy.  I’m thinking it would be perfect to wear to the Flower Show in Boston next week.  I’ll wear a long sleeve black cowel neck sweater under it or a turtle neck jersey depending on the weather.  The bus delivers you right up to the door of the flower show and it will be just right for the trip down and for wearing inside the huge building of the flower show.  Dressing in layers is always a good idea for New England weather.  You turn around and the weather changes.


And that is my ideas and inspirations for today.   Have a wonderful day!

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