Maple Sugar Time


This is the time of year that the sap flows from Maple trees and can be boiled down into Maple Syrup.  When the days are warm and the nights are cold is when they can tap the Maple trees.


It takes a lot of Maple sap to make maple syrup.  A lot of sugar houses have a place to watch how they make the pure maple syrup.



And some Sugar Houses serve pancakes with their maple syrup.


My youngest son and I have a tradition where we go to Stuart and John’s Sugar house in Westmoreland, NH this time of year.  It’s really fun and we order a maple frosted donut with our coffee while we wait for our blueberry pancakes with maple syrup that they make right there.



The above is Stuart and Johns.


There is a really neat entrance and it’s usually crowded and you have to wait for a table.



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It’s kind of fun to go there and there is a glassed in place where you can watch them making maple syrup.

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I like to buy some of their maple syrup so I can make French Toast at home.


I just buy a very small container of the syrup as it is wicked expensive.


Even a small container like the above is costly.

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There is a place in Arlington, VT called Sugar Shack that sounds really fun.  They have what they call a “Cider Sammich”.  It’s maple soft serve ice cream (maple creemee) sammiched between a warm cider donut cut in half.  Yum!

o (9)

They also have “sugar on snow” there which is where they boil the syrup down a little more and when you pour it over snow it makes like a maple candy.  They usually serve it with a donut and a pickle.  So fun!

o (10)

o (7)

They also have a Norman Rockwell exhibit which is kind of neat.


In my opinion Vermont has 4 seasons and there is always fun stuff to do in each of the seasons.  Spring is only 2 weeks away and we got a surprise northeaster this week that dropped over a foot of snow.  But we are used to it.  If you turn around the weather changes.  But I love the beauty of each of the seasons which is why I called my blog “yearinvermont”.


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