Snow Days


Northeaster snowstorms is all we have been getting here lately.  They are coming up the coast from the south.


It’s a good day for Shepherds Pie.  It’s good comfort food.  I pinned several recipes for Shepherds Pie on my Casseroles board on my Pinterest.


To cheer up the awful weather, I bought a new ivy to go with an African Violet that I have.


And I bought some green Carnations because St Patrick’s Day is this week.


Today is Pi(e) Day.  My Dad used to say kiddingly “Pie are not squared, pie are round.”  I love the way they decorated the Key Lime Pie with the whipped cream dollops using a decorating tool.  Then the lime zest on the whipped cream.


That Key Lime Pie is from Poor House Pies and in the winter they use the above self service.  When they have pies they put “Yup” on the door.

Manchester sign

In Manchester they have a neat breakfast restaurant.  I love their sign that they use.

up for breakfast

And their breakfasts look really good.


I saw the above Poncho on QVC home shopper and I decided to buy it.  It came today and it actually is one size fits all and it fit.  I just love it.  I saw an episode on the Food Network where Barefoot Contessa was in Paris.  She wore a style similar to the above one and it made her look slim and also very stylish.  I was going to wear it to the Flower Show in Boston on Friday.  But my sister was going with me and she has gotten sick this week with what may be the Flu.  She thinks that she will be OK by Friday, but I don’t know.  We have bus tickets and tickets for the flower show that are non refundable.  Besides that, it’s going to snow Friday as this storm is just continuing and the Poncho will not be suitable anyways.  We were so looking forward to going to that Flower show.  I’m worried about my sister as she sounded awful when I talked to her on the phone.  The heck with the Flower Show.  I just pray that she doesn’t have the flu and gets better soon.


I saw the above Hydranga cupcakes and I think they look really neat.  They would be beautiful for like a Spring tea.  It looks like they just went round and round using the leaf tip decorating tool and combined purple and light blue frosting in the piping bag and put it on a chocolate cupcake.

Well, it’s getting late and I have to get off the computer.  Hope the weather is better soon.




2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. I’m a bit late with reading this post, but hope your sister did not have the flu and that she is much better. Also, hope you both didn’t miss the flower show. It’s always a disappointment when you are so looking forward to an event and unforeseen events happen. The pie looked wonderful and sure it was tasty as well. Nice poncho and you will have future opportunities to wear it.


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