Two little Robins looking for Spring!


pasta bowl

I found the above Pasta Bowl at the Walmart and I just love it.  I used it for a nice Spring Greens salad so far.  But it’s good for pasta or soup as well as salad.  I’m going to get a couple of more of them if I can find them.  They only had one left at my Walmart.

salad plate

And I just love the above salad plate that I found at the Walmart.  They only had one of those left at my Walmart, also.  I’m going to another Walmart and see if I can find a couple more of them.


It was cold enough to snow here this morning but we didn’t get any snow.  I’m sure they did get a little snow in the higher elevation mountains.  It warms up during the day and any skiing would be on wet granular snow.


I like Spring Tulips and like the above decorating idea.


I have a new favorite coffee that I picked up at the Walmart.  It’s only $6.99 at the Walmart and it’s $8.99 at my grocery store.  I had a cup this morning with a Smoothie and it was really good.


I saw the above outfit idea on Pinterest and thought it was just right for this time of year.  I like the grey accessories and the light blue with Navy together.  The necklace is stylish.  I love the P-coat jacket.


Stuffed eggs are so easy and fun to make.  Just a little bacon, paprika and parsley dress them up.  And I love the little hen egg holder that I found at TJ Max a few years ago.  I also found the matching spoon holder for my stove and a matching cross that has a sunflower on it that looks so nice over my stove in my kitchen.


I would love the above Le Creuset for Spring for the kitchen.  I have wanted to get it for years but it’s a little expensive.  I wish that it would come on the home shoppers with easy pay but no such luck.  It would be just right to make a little casserole in and it could go from the oven to the table.  I love the color that they call it sunshine, the French word for it which I can’t spell.  Something like Le Solei.


I like the Saturday morning cook shows on the Food Network.  It’s the only time that Food Network has something other then the game shows on.  And the game shows are really a little much.  Every last one of them which they show in marathons over and over.  But anyways, million dollar chicken was shown how to make on the Barefoot Contessa show.  She went to a restaurant in New York City where the million dollar chicken was made and the chef there showed how to make that chicken step by step.  And the recipe is on Food Network.

preparing-million-dollar-chicken (1)

The million dollar chicken had lemon, fresh thyme and garlic in the recipe and they put sour dough bread in the bottom of the roasting pan.


I have a dining room set that needs to be replaced.  The above dining room set is everything that I love and is on my dream list.



A hutch something like the above would be the perfect addition to the dining room set.  So nice to display dish collections and have a place to store them.


Heavenly blue Morning Glories are one of my favorite flowers and the above rug would be a dream to put under that table.


I love the above style house.  I would put the dining room table in that bay window with a bench with cushions around the three sides in a half circle shape.  It would be perfect for family gatherings with making enough seating and putting an extension in the table.


The above chandilier would be the perfect touch to add. ❤


Have a fun and wonderful week!





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