April Days


I love primroses.  They are simply pretty.  It’s chilly and rainy today and a nice coffee with a cheerful background like a Primrose makes the weather bearable.


I like the above Nantucket style rain jacket.  It has a hood on it and it’s perfect for a rainy Spring day.


I saw a Rosemary plant in the grocery store the other day and it was a huge plant.  They wanted $20.00 for it.  I saw a lot of carriages passing by me where ladies had picked up one to buy.  But that is a little steep of a price for me.  I think that I will pick up a smaller Rosemary plant someplace soon.


I love lavender and saw the above cute idea for a candle.  I’ve seen a lot of little white candles in a glass jar at the Walmart.  The rafata string is easy to find at Michaels Craft.  I wouldn’t think that lavender would last long without water, so would have to use some artificial lavender from Michaels Craft.  Just the ambiance of it is enough to perk up spirits to me.


I love Royal Albert Country Roses pattern.  I have the above teapot which is the cottage version and I have that tea cup and saucer and the little plate.



I would love a comfy chair like the above with that darling pillow.  A nice cup of tea.

pillow pier 1

The above pillow from Pier 1 Imports would be nice for a comfy chair.  I love the photo on the wall in the comfy chair photo.   The white plant in a silver bucket and then the white picture frame is a neat idea.


I love the above tea cup because whenever we went to my grandparents farm when I was a little kid, my parents always said we going up north.  My grandparents lived close to the Canadian border in northern Vermont and that is where my parents grew up.  My friend that lives south of where I live, I call “a flatlander”.


I had a smoothie for breakfast today and it is one of my breakfast besties.  I sliced a banana last night and put it in a baggie and then in the freezer for overnight.  I put unsweetened almond milk in the bottom of the blender, then dark chocolate powder, plain Greek yogurt (Fage is the best), unsalted peanutbutter,  the frozen banana, a little maple syrup and pumpkin seeds.   Sometimes I add a few ice cubes and blend it up.   My blender has a smoothie button which I love.  I got the recipe a few years ago in a magazine and it’s a Dr. Oz recipe.


I have a recipe for mini blueberry muffins that I got in “The Biggest Loser” cookbook a while back.  They are so easy to make and have wheat flour, banana, oat bran, flax seed,  cinnnamon, coconut milk, vanilla extract, olive oil, honey and blueberries in them.  They are healthy and scumptious tasting.  I like that embroidery on the basket liner.  I got it way back when Paula Deen had her line at the K-Mart.   That K-Mart is long gone from this area.


I like that embroidery pattern and would like to find it to make some napkins.  All it requires is a chain stich and a french knot and a silk stitch.  I love to embroider.

Well, that is my ramblings for today.  I’m making a nice veggie soup for lunch with a spring greens salad.  Have a nice day!

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