April Inspirations


I love Tulips and they just make a house feel like Spring.


I like lemon, cheesecake and mousse.  The combination sprinkled with blueberries is so Spring like and a nice treat to lighten up kind of not so good weather.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest.

hap egg

This morning I saw a photo from Hapgood General Store of an interesting breakfast sandwich.  I would love to go there and try it, but it’s a little far to go in the morning.  So I recreated it for myself.  I used bread that I had in the freezer which is Jessica’s Tuscan Pane sourdough starter whole grain wheat bread and toasted it.  I had an avocado in the crisper and I put a little chopped red onion, mayonaise, lime juice and a tinge of Dijon mustard in it.  Then I poached two eggs and they came out perfect.  I buttered the toast and then put the the avocado on the toast.  Then some baby arugala and the poached eggs on top of that.  And finally some smoked paprika over the poached eggs.  Yum!  To make it even nicer I had some Starbucks dark roast coffee with it.  It was almost as nice as going to the Hapgood General Store.


Then I saw a photo of a really dream cottage.  It’s meant for 2 people and is situated next to water.  It’s everything that I love.


The cottage overlooked the water and had white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a farmers sink and a breakfast nook.


The livingroom had a fieldstone fireplace and french doors to a porch overlooking the water.  Can you just imagine having coffee out on that porch in the morning watching the sun come up.  Or in the evening with a glass of wine with a nice breeze coming through from the water.


The bedroom upstairs also had French doors and a balcony and overlooked the water.  What a dream place.


Definitely a dream place.  If I won the lottery, I would recreate that place as close to that as possible.   Sigurd has some property that he wants to sell but I don’t think that he will any time soon.  If he did, he could have something like this which he would love.


One of my facebook friends writes children’s books and I preordered the above book this morning for my little grandsons.  They will love it.


It’s so cute and by preordering I ordered a signed copy and even a hoofprint signature from the little alpaca.  Plus it’s a numbered copy of 1000.  It will be out in July.  I have a signed and numbered copy of “The Sheepover” that was a New York Times best seller by Jennifer and John Churchman that I got a few years ago which I gave to my little grandsons.  What awesome facebook friends.


The above is little Sweet Pea who is the main character in “The Sheepover”.   So fun and so cute.


I like a good cup of coffee.   The above Breville Precision Brewer with the Thermal Carafe would really be nice to have.  It’s an ultimate coffee maker.  But for now, I will just make do with my coffee maker that works well enough.

And that’s my inspirations for this windy and chilly April day.


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