Tea Inspirations


This time of year, an afternoon tea by the fireplace is a nice thought.  It’s Spring but chilly outside.  I love how they cut the sandwiches in quarters and made little triangles.


There always has to be jam and clotted cream to enjoy with tea.


Then simple tea sandwiches with the crust cut off and maybe egg salad.


You can get fancy and cut out rounds and and add little toppings.


Tomato twiddle is very British and also cucumber sandwiches.


Fancy cookies like Madeleines and French Macarons are always a nice touch.


Pretty slices of cake are always fun to have.


I love the above idea on the course order and the 3 – tiers.


I also love the idea of fancy ice cream in a tea cup with a cookie for after tea.


I love the above ideas for tea sandwiches and also the tea container to store tea bags.  So cute to have for the pantry.


I think that it would be fun to have a Tea party.  It would be almost as  fun as to visit a Tea house and have afternoon tea.


I love the above chalkboard inspiration.  I’m not an artist but I could copy it somewhat.


One of my favorite teas is Peppermint tea.  But I also like Earl Grey tea and almost any kind of tea.


And that’s my inspirations for tea.

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