April Antidepressants


I love the idea of a little container in the fridge for healthy snacks.  Some hummus, string cheese, yogurt, carot sticks, celery sticks, grapes, almond butter.  When I was in the Price Chopper yesterday I saw a California blend of almonds, cranberries, pistachios, raisins which I like.  They were on sale and buy one get one free.  So I got two of them for less then the price of one at my regular grocery store.  Love it!


And then I have been looking for a white Hyacinth for my table.  And lo and behold, there was a white Hyacinth at the Price Chopper.   In my cart it went and I just love it.  Every time I look at it I smile because it just is something that lifts my spirits.

Then I had a dollar coupon for my favorite wine.  At Price Chopper coupons are doubled and I got $2.00 off.  Which was good, but the wine was marked up and the coupon only brought it down to what I pay at my regular grocery store.    But I had some microwave Newmans popcorn at home and a nice glass of wine and some popcorn was a nice pick me up to watch TV last night.

And then at Price Chopper they have the TGIF Buffalo Chicken Wings in the frozen foods for like $3.45.  I love them and you just throw them in the microwave 3 minute each side.  I make some blue cheese dip and cut up some celery sticks and I have happy hour when I got home.  I mean it just makes no dishes hardly and it’s just plain fun.

sleep shirts

Then at Targets I found two cute nightshirts that one of my favorite bloggers said were available at Targets.  So cute and I can’t believe they were available and they just help to make Spring days bearable.  How cute to wear while making coffee in the morning.


I own a pair of “lambie” slippers that just are cozy and make me smile.  They are perfect with the nightshirts.

happy place

When the weather gets to me, I think of a “happy place” and meditate on that.  Always lifts my spirits.

This time of year in Vermont is not really livable.  I mean no leaves on the trees, mud season and chilly.  I would love it if we could have a small vacation to where it is warm and sunny.  Even for a little while to get away.


I try to make the most of each day.  You have to be good to yourself before you can be good to other people.

Yesterday I got in a bad mood because I spent about 2 hours working on a photo birthday card on line for my daughter in law’s birthday which was yesterday.  I put a lot of thought into it and sent it to Walgreens.  It’s same day pick up and takes only a few hours for them to process.  I got there and they said they never received it to process.  I was very disappointed and could not imagine what I had done wrong as I have made a ton of these cards and they always go through, no problem.   But this ruined my day.  I spent about an hour picking out a suitable Hallmark card for my daughter in law.  When I got home I looked in my Email and there was the notification that they received my order for the photo card and that was at 9:30 in the morning and it would be ready in 2 hours or so.   They claimed they never received it at the store.  I then looked at the status of the card on line and they said that it was in process.

So that is why for the rest of the day that I tried to lift my spirits.

It’s very easy to get depressed this time of year in this area.   So it’s important to stay focused on other people and forget things that bother you.  I don’t watch the news and even the weather is depressing to see.   It actually snowed here the day before yesterday.  They have beautiful skiing at Okemo.  Unreal.  At least the snow didn’t stick to the ground here and most of the snow is gone.




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