Friday Fantacies


I would like a nice Latte this morning, but will settle for my regular coffee that I make.  At least it’s dark roast Starbucks.  I love how they make that heart with the froth from the machine.  It’s very easy to do and looks so fancy.   You just need a coffee machine that has the milk frother on it.  On youtube there are several videos that show how they make all kinds of patterns on the coffee.


I love anything French and I love dinnerware.  In my Email this morning I got the link to a sale that Sur la table has on their website for almost half price on a lot of Jacque Pepin dinnerware.  Really, really good deals and if you spend over $59.00 it’s free shipping.  I saw some really must haves but will have to pass on them from the budget already over taxed.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425_ (1)

The above cute mug is usually $20.00 and is on sale for $9.99.  So precious and kind of a keepsake from one of my favorite French cooks.  Jacque Pepin designed the whole line of his dinnerware.


Then Jacque Pepin copper cookware.  So professional and so very beautiful.  I think that if I could get just one item of it I might choose the covered sautee pan.   Then that Staub enamel covered pot with the rooster nob.  It’s just so French and so cute to have for the kitchen.  I love the burgandy color of it, also.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425_ (4)

I love the cute potholder that is half price on their sale.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425_ (3)

The salt and pepper shakers are just plain adorable.  They are half price also.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425_ (2)

Then the pasta bowls.  I just love them.  They are on sale for $49.00 for four of them.   I think that regulary they are about $30.00 for one.  Nice deal.

For what I could possibly swing would be the mug, the pot holder and the salt and pepper shakers.   Then I have a code for 20% off for one which would cover the shipping.  The code is 4C2NBX78FB which I don’t know how long will work and I would use that because I can not afford to spend over $59.00 to get free shipping.  But if you spend $59.00 you can take 20% off the most expensive item which is cool and get free shipping.  I just love sales.   Love, love, love them.  Especially at Sur la table.

main_variation_Default_view_1_425x425_ (7)

The chicken, wine and mushrooms in the above photo is like my best fantacy.  Love it.


And then a fantacy for summer would be a pizza oven.  Wouldn’t that be fun to have!


And then grill like you mean it with a really neat grill for summer.

It has been one chilly and cloudy day every day for quite a while now.  This time of year really is the pits.  So I have to think of fun things to cheer up unreal weather in this area.

And that is my thoughts for the day from a hurting soul stuck in Vermont April weather.  It’s kind of fun to go shopping on the internet.  What a fun escape.


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