Spring Inspirations


I saw the above mug and thought that it was just beautiful.  The little sparkly tea infuser is just a fun touch.


And then what is more Spring then a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.   I put the recipe on my pie board on my Pinterest.


Vanilla ice cream with the Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  Yum!  I like the crystal serving dish also.


Today on QVC, Valarie Bertinelli had a set of serving bowls.  I love the yellow bowls.  So cute and they were on easy pay of just $9.00 a month for 3 months.  I mean what a find.  Such a nice touch to add to the kitchen.  She said they were like kitchen jewelry.

bowls 3

The inside pattern was just so Italian Tuscany and the braid around the top and handles.  I just love them.

val bake

Then Valarie had a bakeware set complete with trivets.  I just loved that set.  The set came in several colors, but I just love the yellow.  She designed the sets.


I could just see making some lasagna in that baking pan.  I love it.  Then she said that she made banana bread in that bread pan.


I like the ideas on my Instagram and the above containers for the fridge are awesome.  I have the egg container and one for my salad greens.  I’d like to get a couple more containers because they really work in keeping produce fresh.

pioneer w

I like the Pioneer Woman line of dishes.  The sugar bowl and tea-pot has been at the Walmart this last summer and also that little braided place mat.  I love the napkins and have several sets of them.  I also have that little cow creamer which is just too cute.  And I own that little plate which I love.


I love those fancy cakes that you make in a bunt pan.  King Arthur Flour has a recipe on it’s website for the above Orange Pound Cake with Bourbon Glaze.  Yum!


And if Valarie Bertinelli didn’t have enough to tempt people to buy on QVC today, she had a line of her own wine that she went to a California Vineyard and made up blends herself that would go good with food.  A Chardonnay, a Rose, a Cabernet and another Italian one that I never heard of but sounded awesome.


The above photo is a photo of the Vermont side looking over Lake Champlain to the New York Aidirondak mountains.  So beautiful.  I went to school up in Burlington which overlooks Lake Champlain, many years ago, and I will always remember how clean the air was and how beautiful the views of Lake Champlain were.  It’s actually one of the most beautiful places in Vermont.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a beautiful day!


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