Mothers Day and More


King Arthur Flour in Norwich has a really neat idea for Mothers Day.  It’s called Mothers Day Retreat with Farmhouse Pottery.  It says that it’s the sweetest way to bond.  You treat your mother to a day of artisan crafts and delicious food.  You start the day off at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, where you’ll learn to make a fruit tart (in an exclusive farmhouse Pottery heart-shaped dish).  Then you enjoy a catered lunch at King Arthur Flur before heading to Woodstock for the afternoon to learn the old world craft of wheel throwing from the experts.  You’ll make your very own Farmhouse Pottery vase – perfect for showcasing spring blooms.   I love it!

mothers-day-workshop (1)

I think that the recipe that they use is Cherry Crostata because I found that recipe on the Farmhouse Pottery website.  I pinned it on my Pie board on my Pinterest.  I don’t have a Mom anymore and the retreat is out of my price range.   But I love that tart idea and it looks super simple to make.  I don’t know how they could make a vase in one afternoon because I think it has to be dried for a couple of days and everything, but I don’t know.  I would rather just buy one at their Woodstock pottery place myself.  They use a special clay and they have a half wreath insigna that goes on it.  I just love their pottery.  As far as I can figure, that tart dish is their 5 inch candy dish that is heart shaped.  It costs $52.00 on their website.


Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock is just awesome.

But I just love everything King Arthur Flour does.  I love that place.


I love banana bread and King Arthur Flour has Whole-Grain Banana Bread as their 2018 Recipe of the Year.   They have the recipe on their website and they have ideas on how to make the recipe your own by adding and substituting ingredients.  You choose from their ideas and then the recipe is fixed for perfect measurements for what you choose to make the recipe come out perfect for you.   Then when you print it out, it has a title of “My Banana Bread”.   I love it.


My sister used to make banana bread from the recipe on Bisquick.  It had walnuts in it and was moist and just really good.  I put that recipe on my breads board on my Pinterest.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers had the above dress to wear for a Spring wedding.   I think it would be nice to wear for Mothers Day also.  I like the style of it.


She wore the above necklace with the dress.


And she used the above purse.  So Spring like and in fashion.


The dress also came in a sea green color which is so cute.


main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (3)

I like Macarons.  Can you imagine Strawberry-Champagne Macarons?  Yum!  Actually any kind of Macaron is just a treat.


I like the Pioneer Woman new Spring line of dinnerware at the Walmart.  It’s affordable and so cute.

pasta bowl

I like the pasta bowl, also.  It’s perfect for salads as well as pasta.


I have Pioneer Woman’s jars in my pantry.  I put them on a lazy susan and put different kinds of nuts in them.  I have walnuts, almonds, California blend and sunflower seeds.  The jars are inexpensive and just look so cute.


I have a neat pantry, but nothing compared to the above pantry.  I love the wine cooler, the neat handles on the drawers, the warming oven and the neat coffee maker that makes lattes.  And the white cabinets and subway backsplash.  Plus the hardwood floor.  The shelves on three sides with room for everything.  Totally awesome.


I have a beautiful bike and there is a bike trail near where I live that goes along the river.  I have to start riding the bike more now that the weather has finally stopped snowing.  Unbelievable winter we had this year.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 degrees.  It could snow the day after in this area.   You never know.

Anyways it’s a nice day today.  Hope you are enjoying your day.




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