May Inspirations


I love the color of new Spring leaves on the trees.  The above is a route that I take when I go grocery shopping.  It goes along the Connecticut River and just pretty views all along the way.  I like to go shopping in New Hampshire.  For an example, I save around 11 cents a gallon on gas for my car.  Everything in New Hampshire is tax free where as Vermont is all about taxes.  Plus everything in groceries is on the average a dollar less then Vermont prices.  We live right across the river from New Hampshire.  The Connecticut River separates New Hampshire from Vermont.  I could go up the interstate and cross over, but I like the old route 5 on the Vermont side and sometimes I cross over and go on rt 12 on the NH side.


The apple blossoms are out now and just so beautiful.  I took the above photo on Mothers Day last Sunday.


I happened to stop into TJ Max and saw the above napkins and I just had to buy them.  So Spring like and they look really nice in my napkin holder.


I just had a craving for pizza yesterday.  I don’t need the carbs from the crust so I happened to see a cauliflower crust pizza in the frozen foods.  The crust is made from riced cauliflower and eggs hold it together along with brown rice flour and yeast.  It was just like regular pizza crust.  Probably almost as fattening, but I had to try it and it was really good.


I sliced up a mushroom and some red onion to put over it to add a little something-something plus sea salt and fresh ground pepper and a little olive oil.  Then I put some shaved parmesan over it.  I used my Le Creuset oval caslerole dish to bake it in and it fit perfect for half the pizza.  I saved the other half in the freezer for another day.  I didn’t feel guilty for having pizza, anyways.  And it was good with a salad made with power greens and a nice glass of white wine.


I like those little 15 oz Le Creuset stoneware caserole dishes.  They are just right for individual Shephards pies or macaroni and cheese.


They also have a 15 oz round stoneware Le Creuset.  The 8 oz cocotte that they have is way too small.  But the 15 oz cocotte is really hard to find.  They sold out on HSN except for the flame color.  I guess some are on wait list.  They look just like the regular Le Cruesets only in stoneware and the cocotte size.  I like the Provence color for Spring.  They are also fun to use as soup bowls.


I need to get my hair cut and I like the above length and also the way it has like beach waves.  I don’t like the middle part, but I like a side part with the bangs on both sides just a little below or right to the cheek bones.


For fashion finds, it looks like those cape like tops that kind of drape down are in style this Spring.  And flower material seems to be in.


I got the 3 week yoga retreat DVDs.  Even with blocks to help, it definitely is not for beginner yoga.  I struggled with it and got through 4 days.  It got a little easier as I went along.  Very little easier.


I saw the above yoga outfit that might be fun to have.  I like the grey leggings and the cute halter top along with the over top.  I have some cute yoga outfits to make the yoga tolerable.  Plus I have a nice yoga mat, blocks and a stretch band.  The yoga retreat comes with a recipe book and you are supposed to do clean eating and a half hour of yoga 5 days and then weekends a little less.  Not fun in my opinion.  I’ve had to start over twice now.  It’s all about breathing and all kinds of core, stretch, flow stuff.  I’d really rather go for walks and do pilates with my Malibu Pilatis chair or use my stretch DVD if I have to do a half hour of exercise every day.  But I will try and do the 3 weeks.  The first instructor for the first week is horrible in my opinion.  Even if you use blocks.


I saw a recipe for a Coconut Chai Smoothie that sounded good.  It has a cup of chai tea, cooled, 1 ripe banana, 1 cup vanilla coconut milk and 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt.  Then it has 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves, 1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom, 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper and ice and blended in a blender.

It had CocoWhip and toasted coconut to garnish.  I would just use Coolwhip myself.

I bought myself a “binto-box” like the above.  Mine is green.  I love it to pack a little lunch for this summer to go to the beach.  Neat to put in a cooler.


cruise 3

On Lake Champlain up in Burlington, you can go on a sunset cruise in a sail boat.  Sounds very romantic to me and also quite an adventure.

cruise 2

They also have a day cruise and you can see the mountains of New York on the other side of the lake.

sail cruise

Wow, sure looks like fun to me.

sunset cruise

Sometimes groups go on the cruise and have a party.


Have you seen how Meghan Markle made Barefoot Contessa’s Engagement Chicken the day Prince Harry proposed to her?  I put the recipe in my Barefoot Contessa board on my Pinterest.  It must be really good roast chicken.  It looks like it has potatoes and carots roasting with it, but on the recipe I saw they were sides.  There must be more versions of the recipe.


What a neat idea to have smoothies all prepped and in the freezer.    Just throw them in a blender with a base.

Well, that is my inspirations for today.  Beautiful day here with temps in the 70’s.  The lilacs are also starting to come out.  Love it.


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