Inspirations for Summer


The above is my inspiration garden.  I love everything about it from the brick pathways to the separate sections and the awesome garden shed.  Plus the octagon shape middle with the planter.


Another inspiration is blue Hydrangas and an arch gate with climbing roses.  Just so old fashioned and just elegant.  They never go out of style.



I think that climbing roses are just beautiful.


I love window boxes also.  The way the roses climb onto roofs is mostly where they get a lot of salt air and are near the ocean I think.  But I just love the way they look.




I love Geraniums this time of year.  They blossom all summer and are just beautiful.


I found the above recipe that making the Geraniums bloom.


I love the idea of an afternoon tea party.  I saw the above for inspirations on what to have.  I like the tea sandwiches, the sponge cake and fancy little tidbits.

vintage-afternoon-tea-party (1)

Having a tea party out in a flower garden setting is the utmost inspiration.  I love the round table and the pretty tablecloth.  Also the pretty tea set and the white chairs.


I love the idea of a sponge cake.  It’s so Victorian and just elegant.  I pinned several recipes for sponge cake on my cake board on my Pinterest.


Strawberries just add to the elegance.  I love it when the local strawberries are available.  It’s usually only for a few weeks.


Fancy cupcakes and macarons are always neat inspirations.


I love the Royal Dalton tea set patterns.  So very beautiful.


I think that it would be really fun to go to a Tea House and have afternoon tea, also.


I really like the above inspiration for a patio.


I would love to have an apple tree that had blossoms in the Spring.  Just the ultimate.


Another inspiration is the arched gate and beautiful tulips that adorn each side of the gate in the Spring.

f4691a83337be520b59917a9cc7d8834 (1)

The ultimate summer inspiration is to visit Nantucket Island which is 30 miles out to sea.  The above shows Brandt Lighthouse that you see when you come into the island by the Ferry.  I love the grey cedar shingles on all the houses.  The salt air makes the Nantucket grey color.


I like the bench and the hooks to hang hats, shopping bags and things right by the door.  I would just put a cushion on the bench.

And that is my inspirations for the end of May.



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