I think that it would be fun to just be carefree and travel around to the countryside and enjoy fun areas for a getaway once in awhile.


I love the “Little Guy Max”.  It is so awesome.  It’s little and it’s light and would be easy to tow.


It even has an optional bike rack.


The little trailers have come back in style.  The group called “Sisters on the Fly” who started out being a fly fishing group from Texas who planned trips together, then became a huge group really started the trend on small retro trailers.

The motto of the group is “making girls out of women”, which means they don’t have to think of anyone else while on the trips and husbands are not allowed.


They come up with some neat ideas for trailers.  The above old Volkswagon van is such a cute idea.


The inside of the trailer is small but cute.


Just the very basics.

inside 3

The “Little Guy Max” has a little more room and has all the amenities.  The table on one side can be made into a bed.

pop up tv

It has a pop up TV by the table and solar panels on the roof to recharge the battery for electricity when not at a campground that you can hook up to electricity.


Right by the door there is a DVD-CD player, blue tooth and 3 sets of speakers that can be in the front or back of trailer and also outside.  One of the TV’s  can be mounted outside also.  There is a systems monitor for heater vents or the air conditioner.  Also there is a dimmer for the lights.


There is a neat refrigerator that has a freezer compartment.  A pantry, closet and solid maple cabinets.

solar and air conditioner

There are controls for the solar and air conditioner.


There is a microwave and a two burner gas stove.  The sink has a removeable cutting board over it to make counter room when the sink is not in use.


The faucet has a sprayer on it.  And there are water tanks that have hot water.

bathroom 2

The bathroom is tiny, but it has a shower in it.


storage 2

On the other side of the trailer, there is a queen size bed with storage under it.


There is a TV and three huge windows in the bedroom.reading lights

There are reading lights that are LED lights that don’t heat up and you turn them on and off by just touching the bulbs.  There is a cell phone charger and all kinds of neat cubby holes for storage and sound bars.

lighted handkle and awning

The outside of the Little Guy Max has lighted stairs and handle and an awning.  The other side has a light that lights up the whole back side.


There is a screen that slides across.  The window on the door can be cranked out and there is a screen.


The screen just pulls down.


Also there is a privacy blind that can be pulled up.  All the windows do the same thing, so you can have a nice breeze going through.


I think that it would be fun to take the Little Guy Max camping.  It’s light and even a regular SUV could haul it.


The Sisters on the Fly have a cast-iron cookbook that looks interesting.  On the travel channel, they showed some of the recipes that they cooked using  cast iron over charcoal coals.

haggard 2

One of the recipes was Merle Haggard’s Rainbow Stew.


Another recipe that looked interesting was a Chicken green bean casserole with biscuits on top.

ice cream

They even made home made ice cream.


When I was a kid, I went camping with one of my girlfriends and her family.  I will never forget it.  We went for a whole weekend on a lake.  We had a campfire at night and I remember fried egg sandwiches for breakfast that had bacon on them.  There was swimming and we met some guys that had a beautiful boat and we had fun with them cruising around the lake.  All kinds of food as her Mom was a really good cook and brought home made cookies and even pies.  I remember fried chicken also.  So fun.

There are all kinds of camp grounds on the lakes and also in Maine, right on the ocean.

The travel channel got me interested in camping and all the fun that is out there.


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