A New Year

I use the above inspiration for the beginning of the new year. I like to journal, make a list of things that I’m grateful for, go to bed early, take care of myself and challenge myself with goals.

Along with trying to drink 8 glasses of water every day and trying to have a low carb diet, I like to have healthy snacks. I have a juice machine and also use the blender for smoothies. I plan and hope to use both machines more.

I have a container like the one above in my fridge where I keep string cheese, yogurt, hummus, almond butter, grapes, carot sticks, celery sticks, etc. for snacks.

I like all the tips that I can find to try and stay healthy as well as keep as fit as possible.

I’ve noticed that at spas and fitness clubs they always have stretch classes. I saw Miranda Esmonde-White’s Classical stretch DVD that reverses aging and I bought it. She also has a book that is called Aging Backwards and she has been on the Public Television channels on TV. I like the DVD and plan to use it more this year.

My favorite DVD is Leslie Sansome’s Walk Away the Pounds. The 7-day calorie blast is actually kind of fun. In bad weather when you can’t get outside there is all kinds of videos on the DVD to choose from to get in a walk that is good for you. One for morning, one for evening, a 2 mile challenge and an easy mile.

I have dark hair, but I like the above length and style. I need a hair trim right now and will use the photo to show the hair stylist what I am looking for for in a style.

I like my hair long enough so that I can do a messy bun on bad hair days.

For clothes, I like the above style. I like the boots, but with a smaller heel. Bangle bracelets, a nice scarf, a stylish sweater and a figure flattering cross style top. I do not like the above jeans and opt for higher waist jeans that are stretch. I like the pocketbook and would add a crossbody pocketbook.

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