Magical Dreams

My dream car is a silver Lexus. It has 4-wheel drive and is just plain luxurious in my opinion. I just love everything about it. In the area that I live in, it’s all hills and in the winter you need a car that will get up those hills. It’s quite expensive to own and I’ve seen a couple of Real Estate agents that own one. A little over my ability to own one, but I came close a couple of times in my life of being in a position of being able to earn the money that it takes to get a few things you really want. But being close only counts in horseshoes. It’s a damn hard world out there to say the least.

The above is exactly everything that I love in a house. The farmers porch and the huge window that lets in lots of light. A screened in porch on the back and there is a balcony on the second floor loft. All open concept and open beams. It’s called the Craftsbury Cottage. I love the landscaping with the stone wall and the white fence. The shrubs and flowers.

A French style sewing and craft room that has French doors that overlook a garden is just a dream. I love the French style chair and armoir. The hardwood floors just a dream room.

The Notebook was on TV tonight. This is the second time that I have seen that movie. Very romantic and it shows what really true love is all about. That is also a dream to have. Really true love. I think that everyone wants to feel loved.

I think that it would be dreamy to have high tea in front of a fireplace at a cozy Inn.

This view of Mount Ascutney is a dream view. That mountain is magical and I have always loved it. The house that has this view was for sale a few years ago. Someone very lucky got it.

This is the livingroom in that dream house and the mountain view is right out those huge windows. The fireplace is awesome and cozy. I love the round rug under the round coffee table. The vaulted ceilings are so airy and light.

I also loved the bay window breakfast nook that house had. I mean everything I ever dreamed of in one gorgeous house.

Such a dream place. I wouldn’t mind owning a house like that. And it was actually less expensive then I could have imagined. It was on the market a very short time. I saw it one day and the next time I looked, it was sold.

I love new fallen snow. It looks so pretty on trees

And that is some of my magical dreams. In reality, I am always on the outside looking in. And getting on in years I know that the dreams are not ever going to be. But I have so much to be grateful for. I don’t need dreams. I find happiness every day in the blessings that God gave to me. Sometimes I didn’t always think that it was fair that some people have it all and I always did not have a lot. But sometimes material things are not where true happiness is. Sometimes when you can make someone else feel loved and bring happiness to your loved ones, it’s where true happiness is.

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