January Days

It’s cold outside and with the wind chill factor it’s even colder. My son and his family were thinking of going up to their camp this weekend and snowshoeing in through the up hill and long driveway. I mentioned to him that on the weather news that it said that it was going to feel like 30 below zero in that area this weekend. He changed his mind on going up there, hopefully.

The northeast kingdom can be really beautiful in the summer and Fall. But not too many people go there in the winter.

It’s really pretty when the snow sticks to the trees and a red Cardinal really shows up against the white snow.

I think that it would be really fun to go on a sleigh ride through the snow. A lot of places around offer the sleigh rides, but I’m sure that it is really expensive. Just the idea of being out in the frosty air and having fun on a sleigh ride sounds awesome to me.

Curling up next to the fireplace with a good book is a better idea for this weekend I think.

I really like the Pioneer Woman canisters that I got at the Walmart. They are just the right size for holding walnuts, trail mix, pumpkin seeds, etc. I love the covers as they are colorful and there is a neat pattern in the glass canisters. They look neat on the lazy susan that I also got at the Walmart. And I like the glass canister that I found to hold flour that works slick that I also found at the Walmart. I love my pantry and every once in awhile I will organize it. This is the kind of weather that I find stuff to do inside.

I love to browse the seed catalogs. I saw a package that you could buy for seeds for “Happy Babies” kitchen garden veggies. It was in the John Scheepers catalog.

There was also a package in the same catalog or on line at their web site for a perfect kitchen garden. You could go out there and make up a nice salad that could not be any fresher. Totally farm to table. And very healthy.

I bought the above planner package for my home office back in November I think. I started using it in January. I love the Anna Griffin style and I could not find one I like as well in any store around here. That’s why I like the home shoppers on TV. There is a desk calendar that looks really nice for a mat on the desk. Then a nice planner and a journal. To me, it cheers up my little home office and January days.

Have a nice day and stay cozy.

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