January Finds

I love anything French and I came across a recipe for Apple Tarte Tatin, Single Serving sizes. It just looked so fancy and something you would find if you were in Paris or something from a Bistro. I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest board that I call “All things French”.

I also found a recipe from Nigella Larson’s website for a Clementine Cake that is flourless. She has the recipe and you can make it and take a photo of it and if your photo wins, you get a signed cookbook of Nigella’s. The photo above is where someone made the recipe and put pomegrante seeds on top of it.

Then I found a website that had a Chicken Marsala recipe that was one of her top 6 recipes of the year. The recipe just called for chicken tenders, sliced mushrooms, Marsala wine, chicken broth and butter. It was all made in a skillet in 20 minutes. The chicken tenders were dredged in flour.

Then there are all kinds of ideas for making planners fun. I love the Washi tape idea and I have all kinds to choose from for my planner. I also use stickers and rubber stamps on mine.

I like pantry and cupboard organizing ideas. Lots of neat ideas out there.

The above pantry was on the Today Show this morning and it’s Kloie Kardashian’s pantry. Kind of interesting on the use of containers.

I saw the above idea to store onions and potatoes. Kind of neat.

Then I saw the above idea on how to organize the fridge.

I like the above idea to store snacks in the fridge.

I have been seeing a lot on Marie Kondo and her book called “the life-changing magic of tidying up”. There are a lot of videos on youtube showing how she folds clothes. She also has a book called “Spark Joy” and it’s about how she finds joy in her clothes and only keeps clothes that bring her joy.

I like how she folds t-shirts and she has everything neat and tidy.

She seems to put everything in a box. The above is Marie Kondo.

I also like how you can make one of those magazine organizers out of a Priority Mail box. I have a ton of magazines that I would like to keep but I throw them away bacause I have too many and those organizer boxes that you buy are too expensive.

I love the idea of making a magazine box this way.

Then you just cover the box with a strong paper that won’t rip easy.

I think I would use rose paper, but the above paper is neat.

She must have made those labels going on the Avery website. I have seen lots of designs on that Avery website that you can use with the Avery labels and it’s free to print out with your own printer.

I have Julia Childs Mastering French Cooking cookbook and it has the above recipe for Coquille St Jacques. I love scallops and when you put white wine and swiss cheese on them and bake them, it’s really good. Julia’s recipe also has minced yellow onions, minced shallots, thyme and butter on the scallops.

Mason Cash Colour Mix powder blue batter bowl -¿15.99 Potterscookshop.co.uk.jpg Daily Mail Femail re: Nigella : At My Table

I love the above batter bowl that Nigella uses in her kitchen.

Randwyck Milano 200Ml 3 Cup Espresso Maker -¿16 Creative-Tops.com.jpg Daily Mail Femail re: Nigella : At My Table

Nigella also uses a French Press like the above to make coffee. I’ve got to try it to see if the coffee is really good making it this way.

I also like the above idea for a spa treatment.

And that is my finds for today.

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