January mid-month

Mt Ascutney is the most beautiful mountain ever. Can you imagine living in the above house and having that view out your window. I saw the house on the market for sale and the next day I looked at it and it was in contract. Someone grabbed that deal fast.

I found a recipe for Wendy’s Chili using the instant pot. It sounds really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Board under my Instant Pot board or my Copy Cat recipes board.

You just have to use the saute button on the Instant Pot to brown the meat and then add the other ingredients. Very easy and Chili is good this time of year. It doesn’t take long to pressure cook it, but you have to wait for the cooker to heat up for the saute part and you have to wait for the pressure to go down before you can open the cover. But the flavor is supposed to be really good and also healthy.

My favorite fashion blogger posted some ideas on what is going to be in for Spring for fashion. The above tiedye is one of the new Spring fashions.

Also the Utility Jumpsuit is going to be in fashion. I had a beige jumpsuit very similar to the above about in the 1990’s. At least they are not going back to the 20’s. The bell sleeves that were in fashion last year are supposed to be out of fashion in the Spring. Also the off the shoulders blouse look is going to be out of fashion.

I like the above laundry room. It is just so cute, but it needs a sink.

The only things I like about the above kitchen is the island, the built in china cabinet and the double wall oven. I like white cabinets better then dark color cabinets.

I like the above look for a breakfast nook. The round table with a window seat and the beautiful ceiling light. I love the blue and white cushions.

I don’t particularly care for the floor or the black sink and faucet in the above laundry room. But I would love to have the washer and dryer with the folding area. Also the laundry hamper on wheels.

I would be happy with the above home office. But I would have a blue and white rug with a similar pattern. And light blue curtains.

My favorite fashion blogger has the above painting in her home office. I just like it and it costs $29.00 at the Walmart online. I want to get it for my home office as I have a couple of gift cards for the Walmart.

What a neat idea for a fancy cake that would be super easy to make. I bought Wolfgang Puck’s frosting decorating tips that show how to make that fancy rose frosting idea with a special cake decorating tip.

I would love to live within walking distance of a coffee shop like the above. What a nice walk it would be, even in the snow.

All I have is driving distance to a Dunk’n Donuts and the Cappuccino was like luke warm the last time I got some.

And that is my thoughts for this Friday in mid January.

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