I like the Hyacinth that I put in my carriage at the grocery store last week. It just makes me smile and brightens a dull and chilly winters day. When I got the plant, it just had buds on it. But today it’s just about full bloom and there is another budding flower on the side of the full bloom one. Anyways it’s like a taste of Spring in the middle of the winter.

I made some Lentil Soup in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker yesterday. I followed the recipe exactly the first time I made it. This time I increased the time for it to cook because last time the lentils were not completely cooked through. This time it was close to perfect, especially with the flavor. I put some of the leftover soup in my Pioneer Woman soup mug with the neat seal top, and it kept nicely in the fridge. So, it made an easy lunch for today and made me smile. I really like that soup mug. It’s pretty, has a nice design and works really nice for soup.

I preordered a Journal from a facebook friend that is an artist and photographer. By preordering it, I got a signed copy that is also numbered 302 of a 1000. The photos in it are so beautiful and the whole set up of it is so awesome, that I don’t dare write in it. Not kidding.

So I like to write and I like craftsy things that I am not afraid to use. I saw the above Craftsy quitlted book cover that you can make for a journal. I have a journal that I can just write in and draw and put anything I want in it and I want to try to make that cover for it. I have unlimited Craftsy courses that I can take on line and there is a class complete with an instructor and print outs on how to make the cover. Actually, it looks like a lot of work and will take patience, but may be a learning experience if nothing else.

The preordered journal is going on my bookcase It’s really nice, but mostly a keepsake.

Have you ever dared to make an opinion on anything on Facebook? Well I did a couple of times. And I got private messaged that I was ignorant because I did not agree with someone. In other words, I was told in no uncertain terms to just shut up, because my opinion was not worthy of being able to speak.

Well, I private messged right back that I would rather be ignorant then to be an educated idiot. And I don’t care who they think they are, I will have any opinion I want and when there is a law against that, then we are no better then the worst communist country that there is. And after I stated that, I smiled. 🙂

Then after that I got a private message on my facebook that I had a photo from Pinterest of some big butt vegetable stand in Iowa. I think that I may have liked the photo and it went into one of my boards. Well………..this very important photo did not have permission to be liked. Seriously. I am not kidding. And I was told in no uncertain terms that it better not be on my blog. I think I have 2 people that have ever looked at my blog and they do not have to worry. My blog is simply a hobby that I once had fun with and I once had fun with Pinterest. Not much is allowed to have fun with anymore. Unreal. It kind of tried to take my smiles away from the day.

And that is my smiles for the day. I try to think positive and am trying to stay away from anything that takes me down. I guess that is all any of us can do.

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