Valentines Day Ideas

Molten Chocolate cake makes a memorable treat for Valentines day. I pinned the recipe on my Valentines board on my Pinterest.

I love pretty table settings. So many ideas out there.

Tablescapes with pretty dishes and linens are awesome.

A butter-basted, pan-seared steak, winter green salad, Oyster Rockefeller and the Molten Chocolate cake make a really nice Valentines day dinner. I pinned all the recipes on my Valentines ideas board on my Pinterest.

I found some recipes for chocolate covered strawberries that I pinned on my Pinterest Valentines board.

Also, a cute idea is heart shaped Macarons. I always thought that Macarons are complicated and not easy to make. Then I saw a ten year old kid on the Food network whipping up a batch of Macarons and decided that it can’t be that complicated. The heart shape is made by using a pastry bag and two swipes to make the heart. I pinned the recipe on my Valentines board on my Pinterest.

Valentines has to be celebrated with some bubbly.

How about a glass of wine and the fireplace going. The white tablecloth with the red roses look elegant.

Valentines day has mixed memories for me. There have been good ones and bad ones. I can remember when it seemed everyone in the office where I worked got roses sent to them and I got none. And someone felt sorry for me and sent a rose to my desk from “a secret admirer”.

But I have gotten a dozen roses lots of times to make up for it.

There was the year I was divorced and overwhelmed with being alone and the whole world on my shoulders. A time that is best forgotten and moved on from.

So another Valentines day here. Wishing everyone a nice day.

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Ideas

  1. Love your blog, just found it the other day when I found a picture of the old Toy Castle in Claremont (where I used to spend many a dollar). Love your stories of Vermont, where I was born and raised within sight of Mt Ascutney.

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mt Ascutney is magical. Always loved that mountain as my best friend from childhood had the most beautiful view of that mountain from their living room window. I recently joined a group on facebook called “I grew up in Vermont”. Awesome group. You would love it. As for the Toy Castle, so many memories. Thank you so much for finding my blog. Your blog is very interesting.


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