February Musings

It’s cold in Vermont right now and I would like to be in Southern Florida. Be one of the “snowbirds” as they call them that have the best of both worlds. Summer in Vermont and winter months in Florida. That, to me, would be the ultimate fun. The above is the livingroom of a house that I saw recently on line for sale right on the coast and near the beach. The place was affordable and the owner had it fixed up just to the taste that is my dream place.

It was fixed up like a beach cottage which I have always dreamed of having.

Can you imagine being within walking distance of the above Florida beach? The ultimate dream place to escape cold winters. Be able to get all tanned up and then come back up to Vermont in the late Spring when all the tree blossoms are out and the Spring bulbs. Sigh……..

I saw the above idea that is totally over the top to store pockebooks. The pocketbooks are all designer and quite a collection. I have a few nice pocketbooks and could put one of those cabinets in my walk-in closet and have half for pocketbooks and the lower half for shoes. The cabinet with the glass doors, lighting bought separately and glass, adjustable shelves bought separately can all be bought on Ikea on line. That cabinet is one of their best selling. The crystal knobs on the cabinets can be bought at Walmart.

The above are the crystal knobs for the cabinet. I love them. They look elegant and expensive, but they are not expensive.

Above is the price and articles to buy if you want 3 cabinets. I would only need one for $159.00. I just love the looks of it. I read that Ikea sells about a thousand of the Billy/Oxberg cabinets every minute all over the world.

What a nice project to have and create a really fun cabinet.

I can’t afford designer bags, but if you know what to look for, you can get really nice pocketbooks that are classic and look very stylish at T J Max for a fraction of the price of designer. Sometimes you can get the real thing for a fraction of the price.

I had a vanity table that was white and the same idea as the above when I was a kid. It was a vanity table that my Grandmother gave to my Mom and my Mom gave it to me. It’s in storage right now and needs to be restored and is another project that I would like to do.

Yankee Barn Homes builds houses with open beams. I love the design of the above kitchen from Yankee Barn Homes. The wall double oven, the island, the skylights and kitchen nook.

So beautiful and you can see the French doors on the end of the kitchen where the kitchen nook for a table is. There is a deck on the other side of the doors.

It’s my idea of fun to see the ideas out there. But also take ideas here and there and combine them into something exactly to your own taste.

I have unlimited Craftsy which the name has been changed to “Blueprint”, but it is so much fun to take their online classes. My latest interest has been for journaling, calligraphy and they even have a class for how to write a book. The instructor for writing a novel is an author that has a best seller novel. So fun.

I love anything French. So French Onion Soup is something that I would like to make. It looks like something out of a fancy restaurant, but it’s really easy to make. There are all kinds of recipes that sound really good. I pinned a couple of recipes on my Pinterest that I want to try. The recipes are either on my “All Things French” board or my “Soups” board.

“Beef Bourgiugnon” is the next French recipe that I want to try. It has red wine in it and would be fun to have in any favorite recipes. I pinned the recipe on my “Instant Pot” board on my Pinterest.

My Mom used to make a Boston Cream Pie like the above that was soooo delicious. It was a yellow cake with a vanilla pudding in the middle and then the chocolate frosting on top. She used to make it from a mix that she bought at the grocery store. King Arthur Flour has a mix that you can buy that would be fun to try for the Boston Cream Pie. Yum!

And that is what I love for today.

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