Tea Ideas

Tea in the afternoon is such a fun idea. I have saved a ton of recipes for tea sandwiches, scones and fancy pastries. The above photo is so inviting next to a roaring fire in the fireplace. Also cosy for tea in the winter.

The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont has tea every afternoon in their Lodge. There are cross country ski trails there that are just beautiful. How fun it sounds to come in from the cold after enjoying cross country skiing and enjoy a cup of hot tea and cookies.

I always dreamed of having tea in the summer outside in the midst of a secret garden.

On my bucket list is to visit “The Tuckbox” that is in Carmel by the Sea California. It’s a teahouse and they have outdoor tables, also. I first saw it years ago when Rachel Ray visited it on her “$40.00 a Day” show that used to be on the Food Network.

At the Tuckbox, they have Scottish Scones that are sort of like cornbread and Orange Marmelaid and Olallieberry jam as well as Clotted Cream to go with their tea. They also have awesome salads.

The Tuckbox is like all the Storybook cottages that they have at Carmel by the Sea. That entrance to the right is to their outdoor patio. Then there is a gift shop to the far right.

You can buy their Scone Mix online from their website.

They also have their Olallieberry Jam that you can buy on their website.

You can even buy one of their teapots. So awesome.

Above are the tables where you can enjoy tea on the Tuckbox patio.

They also have their Orange Marmalaid on their website that you can buy.

The above photo is looking outside to the patio from the inside of the teahouse.

The above photo is the inside of The Tuckbox. So awesome.

There are some beautiful tea sets and the above pattern is just classic.

Fancy teacups are just elegant.

Peppermint tea is always a favorite. Also Earl Grey tea.

I don’t think that I will ever get to California to the Tuckbox. But I can make up for it by making the scones and also the actual jams from there are easily available.

We have been up to the Trapp Family Lodge a couple of times and that is really fun. The views are just awesome and we hiked on the cross country ski trails. We went there in the summer and had tea on the deck with some awesome pastries at their Kaffee House.

So that is my ideas on tea.

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