This and That

March is just about a week away and Spring is just around the corner from there. The above photo reminds me of my Irish Grandmother who loved to bake. I like the maple dining room chair that is classic New England style. The napkin lined basket is just a special touch and who doesn’t like home made muffins. The white flowers with the green accents, just says there is hope for some Spring sometime soon.

L L Bean has a green sweater that is perfect for this time of year. I love the color and the style of it. It’s perfect for this time of year for the weather around here.

I have been having fun with the Instant Pot pressure cooker that I got for Christmas. I have several recipes that I have tried and I made notes on them after trying a few times to get them just right. I love the Cabbage Soup recipe that I found and also the Lentil Soup. I pinned a ton of Instant Pot recipes on my Pinterest Instant Pot board and I printed out a lot of recipes that I want to try. I love how there is a saute button and all kinds of features on the Instant Pot.

There are all kinds of ideas for a Cottage Garden in the seed catalogs. I love to just look at the catalogs and dream of what I would put in my flower gardens.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are an old fashioned flower that blooms come out on the plant every morning. Lots of them and they climb up a string. Just beautiful to have and to enjoy.

Nasturtiums are just beautiful. My Dad always planted them in front of the Chicken Coop that was near the garden. They just bloom all summer.

Dahlias are just beautiful and I’ve never seen any like the above colors. I used to have some red Dahlias that my sister gave me. You dig them up with the bulbs intact in the Fall and store them in the cellar. Then you plant them every Spring.

Foxgloves are so old fashioned and a must have in a cottage garden.

Marigolds are a must have and I love the colors in the above Marigolds.

The pink Cosmos are just so pretty to have in a garden to accent some color.

I love a nice kitchen that you can actually cook in. The above cottage kitchen with an island and a double oven with the white cabinets is just right. To get that kitchen is just a dream that would have to be custom built.

The above is the old fashioned look that I love. The Cedar shingles stained a Nantucket grey and the climbing roses on a picket fence. It’s very New England style.

My Grandmother always had hand embroidered pillow cases and crocheted added touches. My other Grandmother was a seamstress and could look at a dress in a store window and go home and make it with her own pattern. I think that skills like that skip generations or something because I have to really read every help book there is and follow directions to the T and then try and learn from mistakes.

Blue Hydrangas are so beautiful. The above look over a white fence is just a dream.

Then the Spring bulbs. Just so easy to grow and they come up every year.

A bay window with a round table and window seats is my dream breakfast nook. Everyone has different tastes, but that is what I love.

And then high ceilings and French doors that open to a deck. That is how I would design a house. All on one floor, easy to heat and easy to keep cool. Low taxes, yet close to a nice area. Location is everything in Real Estate.

So this time of year always is like you think winter will just go on forever. We have another storm coming in on Sunday that is going to be a mixture of freezing rain and snow. Just great. Yuk. But at least we can think of fun things to brighten dull days.

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