In March, they start having Daffadils in the grocery stores. It’s just such a touch of Spring, even though there is still snow on the ground and snow storms predicted this weekend.

They start tapping the trees this time of year because there are cold nights and warmer days. That is when the sap runs in the Maple trees and they can boil it down and make Maple Syrup.


I’ll never forget the above cute little Holstein calf that we saw a few years ago. So cute with the little pink nose and they had a little shelter hatcherie for it and a little jacket to keep it cosy. It poked it’s little nose out to say “hello”.

My son loves Carrot Cake. I like how the above Carrot Cake is decorated. Such a neat idea.

I love the above Cameo pin. It’s just so classic and never goes out of style.

My mother used to call snow that fell this time of year “sugar snow”. I think that it looks like powder sugar on the trees.

I like the farmhouse look in a house. I love the front porch and a porch swing. It reminds me of my grandpartents. The above is a Yankee Barn home and it’s a modular that goes up in a few weeks. It has all open beams inside and is just gorgeous.

St Patrick’s Day is this month. I have a lot of Irish in me, so will definitely be wearing green on St Patrick’s Day.

I love the above little Leprechan. So cute the way they have it captured in that little jar.

I saw a recipe for Coq au vin using white wine instead of red wine. It just looks perfect to have for this time of year. I pinned the recipe on my French recipes board on my Pinterest.

I love home made soap. They always have it at Farmers Markets and I saw some at a local Food Co-op. They always put healthy ingredients in the soap and moisturizers. Plus they use Essential Oil for fragrance.

I bought some Lentils today at the Food Co-op. I love to make Lentil Soup in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. So much flavor and it is inexpensive yet very healthy and delicious this time of year.

I like the above hairstyle. It’s beach waves and it’s just the right length. You can wear an updo with it or wear it down.

I like the above “thermal hoodie” It’s so perfect for this time of year.

And that’s my thoughts for this first day of March. This day was sunny and in the 30’s. So March came in like a lamb and that means that it will go out like a Lion. We will probably get a horrible snow storm the last day of March.

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