Monday Ideas

I found an idea for a double potholder that you can make and customize it to any material pattern that you like. I posted the link to it on my Sewing and Craft ideas on my Pinterest. I like it because it is sort of like the pot holder that Rachel Ray sells on QVC. They are always sold out on QVC.

I have been trying to figure out how wordpress works and I could not get to my dashboard to customize my webpage or blog. So I added menues to the top of my page using Yankee Ingenuity and it is a work in progress. I spent some time on it today and will just leave it for now as I messed it up several times and it is somehow OK for now.

I want to redesign the page a little and make it interesting. Fun to work on.

I saw a really cute Spring planter on the Plow and Hearth website. Such a cute idea to add the Johnny Jump-ups that look like little Pansys.

Green chrome diopside rhodium over silver ring 2.68ctw

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, I saw the above ring on JTV channel and they also have a website. The stones look like Emeralds but they are Chrome diopside. It started out at $129.00 which was a really good price. Right now it’s down to $79.00 and you can do 5 easy pays on it. So cute.

I love the earrings that match and I think they are like $99.00.

Sometimes it’s fun to make your own “happy hour”. The cook shows are always making cheese trays, so I made up a little, personal cheese tray. I found some sliced, organic and uncured salami/pepperoni combo, some Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, some regular Cheddar Cheese, some Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, some Cashews, some Shaved Parmesan and some Dijon Mustard. Plus a glass of my favorite Red Wine. Kind of fancy and also a fun idea. Anything in moderation.

And another little fun treat to cheer up dull days if you like Chocolate is the Dove Dark Chocolate little Easter Eggs. They only cost $3.00 for a package of them and they are so cute to put in the little Easter Egg candy dish or any little candy dish that you have.

I am no web designer, but I learn new things each day. It’s like the Cell phone, as there are so many features that I don’t use and I try to figure out how they work.

So, I just have fun with it and just like everything, we all try to make the best of each day.

I love magazines and there were 3 magazines that I wanted in the worst way. But when they cost $9.99, $12.99 etc., I draw the line. Nope, I don’t even buy my $1.79 magazine anymore. But I did subscribe to Good Housekeeping magazine and Yankee Magazine. I think the Good Housekeeping magazine came free for a year with something I bought on QVC, which was fun. And Yankee Magazine was a really good deal that I couldn’t resist.

So, hope that the ideas that I pick up here and there can be something of interest to you.

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