April Days

I still adore the above Yankee Barn home. They will even let you design the inside to your liking and it’s a modular home that goes up within weeks. It’s just this time of year when you dream of putting in a garden, flowers and landscaping. The stone wall and white fence is just a nice touch. All you need is a piece of land with a view of distant mountains where you can see sunrises and sunsets and a porch swing. Maybe a two car garage. You have to dream about stuff like this at this time of year, because it is horrible upon horrible weather right now. Cold, rainy and very dreary days. No leaves on the trees and they call it mud season. I could design a home from things I see here and there that would be nice but not cost a fortune. My friend Sigurd could easily build anything he wanted as I have seen him design and build for other people. He just will not do it for himself.

I would customize it to have a breakfast nook like the above. So sunny and light.

I would also customize a double side fieldstone fireplace with one side in the livingroom and the other side in the dining room.

I would go for the above kitchen to somehow get planned in.

And the above jet tub in the master bath.

I would have all kinds of Spring flowers that were planted in the Fall to come up in the Spring. As well as fruit tree blossoms.

I would like to have room to have some chickens like Martha Stewart does and have fresh eggs. The chickens like to be free range and it is almost impossible to keep them fenced in.

In Vermont, there are all kinds of secluded swim holes that are fun to find.

I would have a white Hydranga bush for summer and you could pick fresh flowers from it in the summer months. My Mom and Gram always had a bush with white flowers like the above and they called it the “Snowball Bush”.

Most people would rather be in Florida this time of year. I saw the above home for sale in the southern tip of Florida right near the beach. I love the white Volkswagen convertable, the palm tree and everything about this place. And it’s affordable and includes access to a pool and fitness center as well as walking and biking trails. They even have a golf cart that is so fun to get around in. Love it and it’s dream material. ❤

I love how they decorated the inside like a beach house.

I love the cottage style kitchen. She took the doors off the upper cupboards, and I love the copper pots

I have seen people that really do have the best of both worlds. Up north in the summer and down south in the winter. It must be nice.

I would love a breakfast like the above. It looks like something you would have for a brunch, actually. Maybe a buffet and then get scolded because you took too much and could not have room for even half of it.

I like to buy Spring bulbs this time of year as they cheer you up.

I love my Instant Pot as you can use it as a Pressure Cooker or a Crock Pot. So many recipes for it.

I have tried several soups in my Instant Pot. I did Chili, Lentil Soup and Cabbage Soup to name a few.

I saw the above stand for the Instant Pot and I just loved it. I ordered it on line at Target. It’s made out of metal and it’s perfect for the Instant Pot. It was supposed to be $30.00, but it was on sale for $25.00 and free shipping if picked it up at a local Target. I could not resist it.

I see inspirations here and there. The above is one that I saved.

Most of the snow is gone where I live, but up north where one of my son’s travels with his job each week, he said that it is still like January up there. I love sunrises and sunsets. That is a piece of land that I would like to have with a view like that.

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